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WHEH! yeah right........

For those who may be a little confused, here's an easy guide to how Whatever Happens (Premier) works where they repair your machine within 7 days or you get a new one.

1) take sick laptop in. Oops, sorry, step 1 is really pay about 12 quid a month and get taken in.
2) they don't look at it on that day
3) you go in for a progress report
4) they then spring into action and promise that it'll be collected (as its a hard drive problem that you had to tell them about) the next day and be back nine (that's 9) days later.
5) you get notice that it'll be collected 4 days later than they said so won't be back until the following friday (now work this out people, that's fourteen, yup, 14, days later.
6) on seeing your anger at step 4, they say, don't worry, you have "premier" and that means you can have a loan machine whilst yours is away, errrrrrrr, subject to availability. You're a step ahead here I can tell, yup a loan one is not available right now.
7) you call up the good people at "knowhow". they tell you that a) it's 7 days from when you take the item into the store and b) that the stores don't keep loan machines in, they have to call in to get one released.
8) go in 7 days after the initial visit, make a fuss, point out their failings of which there are many, preferably to an audience of potential punters, and watch as a brand new laptop arrives at the counter, obviously minus any data that you had amassed on your old one.
9) Carry on paying monthly as this will happen again (this is my 2nd time with pretty much the same issues with WHEH and fend off attempts to sell you extra hard drive to back up for the next time.


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