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Glasses Direct

Great glasses and excellent service

My prescription was not very legible. Customer services helped me get it right. The website is clear and easy to use. And of course the prices are far better than the High St. I am very happy with Glasses Direct.


Home delivery getting worse

I have used Asda home delivery since it started about 10 years ago on Tyneside. Up until a year or so ago they were excellent but things are slipping since then.
Every delivery now there is something wrong, something missing or damaged, a lousy substitution, a fresh product right on its sell by date or a stupid quantity of something. I have complained and gotten refunds but this is looking systematic now. So I emailed customer services specifically to ask for a response from a senior person in UK and all I got was a refund on a pound of apples. It is a shame but I will use tesco or waitrose instead now.
I see from other reviews that these kind of issues are common all over the country. Maybe the reviewer is correct who thinks Asda might deliberately be palming off any old rubbish that no one would buy in the store onto the poor home shoppers.

Gone downhill totally

I used to trust this company but the last time I used them I was very badly advised and it cost me a lot of money. They also mis sold insurance for a phone when they knew it was for my 14 yr old son yet claims are refused if the phone is in the possession of someone under 18. All in all they have cost me hundreds. Utter scammers and all round bad b.......rds. I will go to tesco next time.

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04 July 2013

Reply from

Hello Liz,

We can only apologise if you were given the wrong information, we advise that you contact the customer service team on 01773 307100 and we will aim to help you with this matter.
Please accept our apologies for the situation.


Always been fine for me - until now

I have used this company for years without a problem. I was surprised to see so many really bad reviews. Maybe things are slipping but my latest order was fine like every other i have had from them. I am especially worried by a few of these reviews that suggest that products might not be the genuine article. That would be business suicide if they were doing that. I have certainly never had that problem with them.
They do sell testers and products that are not boxed but they are marked as such on the website. I have never had an unboxed item that should have had a box.
My only niggles are that their range is not as good as cheapsmells and the website is more fiddly too. Postage is dearer if you are just buying 1 item but you save if you are buying several things.

Update : hmm have had a dodgy experience with them since this review. I reviewed a poor quality product (it was V cheap) and they have not put my review on the website. There are more positive reviews on the same product. If they are picking and choosing only positive reviews this is misleading to customers.

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Best prices, genuine articles

Some great savings to be had. If a thing is slightly dearer than the competition it usually is cheaper by the time you add in postage on the competition.
Delivery can be a little slow - up to 6 days for free standard delivery. I think this may be because they are on the channel islands.
I have used cheap smells lots of times and never had any complaint.


Good website, rotten scams on vulnerable travellers

The website is better than red spotted hanky or trainline and the prices are cheaper. But when you travel you better be double sure you have everything in order or they will be bully boys and demand huge amounts in penalty fares. This penalises innocent and vulnerable people who don't check every single bit cardboard the very second it comes out the machine or who miss a connection or get the. "wrong" train eg. The same destination but different company or maybe the delayed previous train even though it comes in at the time it says on your ticket. They mess up lots eg late trains, dirty trains, missing coaches, missing facilities and that is just our bad luck. We make 1 innocent error and they hit us for hundreds of quid.


Worse than incompetent at fixing boiler

After 8 separate visits and many complaints to the highest level my boiler is still not even as good as it was before they began. No 2 workers told me the same thing and several tried to flog expensive treatments that were not covered by my policy.
The last straw is that they proposed to increase my premium this year as i have had lots of callouts! Considering that most of those were to fix mistakes they had made themselves this is a complete outrage.
Any local plumber/heating engineer has got to be better than these guys.

Prompt and good value, some drawbacks.

Best value i could find for whey protein although still seems a lot of money. Prompt service and delivery. Snags were that a discount code did not work, a special offer freebie that was not sent, and it seems a wee bit mean to charge 65p for a measuring spoon. They were apologetic about the missed freebie and sent it without delay

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