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Whatever happened to customer service?

On returning from my holiday in Mallorca, I wrote to ResortHoppa as follows:
"On Monday 10th September, my wife and I were scheduled to depart Sa Coma, Mallorca, for Palma Airport to catch the Ryanair Flight FR8387 departing Palma at 15.50 hrs.

When I did not receive an SMS text message on the mobile ‘phone number notified to you on our booking, I contacted the number you provided ((0034) 902 302 055) the day before departure and were advised to await the arrival of the bus at 12.40 hrs at the entrance to the Sa Coma Platja hotel, which is next door to the apartments Sa Coma where we were staying (as advised to you on our booking). We arrived at the appointed place at 12.20 hrs and awaited the arrival of the bus.

Shortly before 13.00 hrs, the bus having not arrived, I rang the same number and was answered by a lady to whom I explained our situation. I learned from her that the bus had, in fact, gone to a different hotel with a similar name and, on finding that we were not there, I gathered that the driver had telephoned Reception at the Sa Coma Platja to enquire if we were there. Since we were not guests of the hotel, their receptionist was, of course, unaware of our existence and told the driver as much. Instead of driving to the Sa Coma Platja hotel to verify whether or not we were waiting, the bus drove on to the airport. The Hoppabus representative said there was nothing more she could do and that we should catch a taxi to the airport!!!

We had insufficient Euro currency remaining to afford a taxi and all the exchange kiosks in Sa Coma were closed. Eventually, we managed to persuade the hotel to exchange our remaining sterling funds for Euros, providing just enough for the taxi journey (€80).

This experience was frustrating and disressing in the extreme. Fortunately, my wife and I had the means to extricate ourselves from our predicament in sufficient time to prevent our being stranded.

Our taxi driver provided us with a receipt for the fare and we notified the Hoppabus kiosk at Palma, showing them the receipt. They took details and advised us they could do no more and that we should contact you to make a claim for the refund of the taxi fare – as a result of reporting to the kiosk, we were delayed and we caught the plane on “last call” a few seconds before we were excluded.

I do not know how often this kind of situation is experienced by your customers but our taxi driver told is it was a frequent occurrence. Surely you need to explain the concepts of customer focus, customer service and common sense on your representatives in foreign countries (although the lady to whom I spoke at Palma Airport sounded British). You really can not leave customers stranded with nothing more constructive to offer than “you’re on your own…get a taxi…nothing more we can do”. The bus driver should have been instructed to visit the correct hotel BEFORE leaving for the airport and we should have been contacted on my mobile ‘phone when it was discovered that we were not at the first hotel visited by the bus. I feel sad that I need to point out these very basic things but I fear “customer service” features only in company “mission statements” and not in their activities.

I await your advice on how to proceed to obtain the refund of our taxi fare and what steps you intend to take to recompense us for our experiences.

I received a response from ResortHoppa as follows:
"Thank you for your email. We have passed it onto our customer service department, who will investigate the complaint and contact you shortly."

Do I need to say I'm still waiting? Despite a follow-up e-mail and a telephone call that lasted 12.5 minutes without anything other than piped music. Which I couldn't stand any longer so rang off.

Is it too much to hope that this will elicit a response from ResortHoppa?

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