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Terrrible Service

I would not recommend this company EVER!

Once my contract ends I will leave them and never return.

I have had on going problems with them for over a month, my compensation for downtime from the internet was £4.20ish

When I wrote in to complain about the loss of service, which cost my business money! and alot of stress. They never responded AT ALL.

I sent my letter recorded so I know they received it.

Eventually got a call from an indian call centre, just saying sorry, and that they dont offer compensation.

1 Free month of subscription would of been better than a £4 gesture. what a joke.



Expensive arent they!

Great place for fashion if thats what your into.

However the prices for most make you think twice, a shop for the more middleclass market.

They do have some excellent furniture within their range, but if you've not got the capital i'd head in the direction of Ikea.

Worth a look, if nothing else. And you can be sure its a trusted brand.



Worth being a member here.

Excellent advice on saving your hard earned wages for the more elborate one off purchase.

If you can read its a must to be a member. :-)

us brits like to save a quid or two don't we?

Recommend joining


eBay great for selling stuff

Excellent place to sell your old items online, the best auction site online other than eBid which is rubbish in comparison.

They are alittle one sided these days with the buyers, and not so quite as fair with sellers, however I guess these days its fair play.

Worth using though as its got a big audience of customers waiting to find your mystery products.


Excellent business tool & search engine

Excellent business tool & search engine,

City Link


Excellent courier company, used 100s of times, and never once had a problem

Top customer service. They pick up and deliver on time. And are ultimately very efficient, and certainly friendly

Defiently recommend them.



Worst Company

This companys policy on refunds is ridiculous. They do not abide by the consumer law.

I wouldnt ever recommend them.

No chance!!


Great Site

Excellent site.

Recommended to everyone!



Argos, Always good for your every need.

Never had a problem with them.


They're OK

Often out of stock of many products, and you never find out until they're at your door.

Otherwise Fine.

High Postage

I ordered a cup and 2 cards, cost me £15 special delivery charge!

Too expensive, otherwise a valuable service.

Customer service is prompt.

Well done.


Excellent Staff and Great Company

Ive sold 2 laptops to this company, I have also sold laptops to other companies, but in comparison I have to say that this company PAID OUT the fastest, and I had excellent communication from them throughout.

I was paid over £400 for my Macbook and by bank transfer I couldnt have a asked for a better service from anyone.

I was skeptical at first but I had obviously no reason to doubt their excellent and informative service 5 stars.

Well run company and would certainly recommend them

Thank you.


Best place to sell your laptop UK give you a quick and easy way to sell your broken laptop uk, buy just emailing or using their provided contact us form, they will issue you a quote, once you accept it, and send in your laptop

You get paid. by bank transfer, cheque, paypal, or cash by special delivery.

They also have a cool range of boys toys, gadgets N Gizmo's

17 November 2011

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