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A company let down by poor delivery link (Yodel)

A company is only as strong as its weakest link, and unfortunately for Pixmania it is the delivery company it chooses to use that lets the whole operation down. Bpost2, a Belgian company, seems to always have problems with the products it delivers to me. Apprently they use Yodel in this country - what a mistake!

For example every single order I have made has had 'Attempt delivery failed - Item put physically in warehouse' and 'Item missorted' within the schedule. They also attempted to deliver at my place of work at 5:47 (open till 9pm) and they failed because we were closed - we were not!

It states that this was 'Fast Delivery 2-3 days' sorry don't state it if you can not meet this, even if you are a European company, which is no excuse! It normally takes at least a week to arrive.

I am still to get one parcel I ordered 2 weeks ago.

Now luckily am not in a rush for these products but I would hesitate to use Pixmania due to the poor delivery company they choose to use - it shows disregard for their customers, especially given the amount of complaints stating this exact same reason.

It is a shame as Pixmania seems a company with decent prices and wants to please - they just need to wake up and change logistics operator to a more reliable operator.

UPDATE: 27th September - Still no parcel delivered

After being in touch with Rachel (of Pixmania) who has tried to solve this logistics problem the second parcel I ordered has still not arrived.

Yodel has had my parcel now for 9 days, it has travelled around the country without even sending me a postcard. It even disappeared for 6 days!

My final thought is if a delivery company is this bad (Yodel) why on earth use them - it is like rewarding bad service and shows contempt for customers.

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20 September 2012

Reply from www.pixmania.co.uk

Thank you for your review.

I have been receiving a lot of concerned reviews relating to the bpost
tracking which states:

15-08-2012 03:15:00GB Attempt delivery failed - Item put physically in warehouse

When the parcel is handed over to YODEL, the tracking on the BPOST site is stating this, when in fact it should be that it has been “passed or delivered” to the Depot.

When the tracking states this the new tracking with yodel will be available under the original bpost tracking.

Please do not hesitate to confirm to me with an order number so that I may explain in more details how to read the tracking information.
Best regards
Pixmania Mediator

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