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Disgusting treatment by O2

I have been an O2 contract customer for 12 years, but never again. Provided you do not have a problem O2 are fine, but if you have an issue do not expect it to be resolved. In January 2012, 6 months into a 24 month contract my phone was stolen so I called O2 and asked them to send me a new sim - an easy task you would think. 2 months and 12 phone calls later I still had no sim card and was loosing my patience. I ordered the sim card for the last time and told them I had cancelled my direct debit and would only restart it when I received a sim card. Despite the "manager" saying he would personally email me to check I received the sim I recieved neither the SIM card or the email. By this time I had been 2 months without mobile phone service and had already paid for 6 weeks of service that I have not recieved. I gave up and made alternative arrangements for my mobile phone. Today I recieved a letter stating that they had called and text me to let me know that my account was in arrears and if I did not contact them my number would be disconnected. When I called to remind them that I did not have a sim so they could not have contacted me and that I have not had service for 9 months they said that they can send me a new sim today - I made alternative arrangements more than 6 months ago and that was not acceptable, they said that if I was disconnected I would be billed line rental for the remainer of the contract and would have to pay the amount in arrears. It took the threat of referring the case to OFTEL to get them to see sense and remove the outstanding arrears. I was so angry on the phone I did not ask for a refund for the 6 weeks that I had paid and did not receive any service for. I have since read a couple of other reviews for O2 and it is always the same, service is fine until you need them to resolve a situation.

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