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Panasonic Store Lakeside


Bought a TV from Panasonic Store Lakeside, no issues with the purchase or the service at the time, which included a (paid for) installation service by a guy who was excellent.

However, the TV developed a fault after only 2 months, and after sending an engineer round to inspect it, the store very reluctantly agreed to replace it (they were pushing me hard to get it repaired, but I wasn't having it).

Then, 2 weeks after they agreed to replace it, the store ceased trading just before the Easter holidays. I immediately contacted Panasonic UK, who completely washed their hands of any responsibility whatsover for the store's promise to me, on the grounds that it was a franchise operation and therefore a separate legal entity.

I therefore wrote to the Panasonic UK MD, and engaged in some pointless correspondance with someone there who just repeatedly stated the "it's nothing to do with us, Gov, it was a franchise" line. The argument that they should at least carry some moral responsibility for the Store's actions carried no weight whatsoever with them.

I eventually got to the stage where I pointed out that I felt their "franchise defense" put them on very dodgy legal grounds, as the Stores are extensively advertised on the Panasonic UK website, and use the Pansonic logo to trade on Panasonic goodwill; I feltthat most reasonable customers would not recognise the difference between the two companies for these reasons.

I also pointed out that I was rejecting the set under Section 75 of the Sale of Goods act, and was quite prepared to take them to court to secure a replacement rather than a repair.

It was only at this point that Panasonic advised that after consultation with the legal department they now wanted to resolve my complaint by providing a replacement, which they have now done. The right result in the end, but frankly an appalling way to treat a customer with a valid complaint.

So, basically a warning that if you use any of the other Panasonic Stores, you are dealing with a franchise, not with Panasonic themselves, and should something go wrong with the store then Panasonic UK will look to wash their hands of it.



As a regular e bay user, I had no qualms in buying something off Gumtree.Not even when the seller took a whole week to dispatch the item, with excuses about "not being able to get out of work".

However, when the item still had not arrived a further 4 days later,I contacted the seller and politely requested the Royal Mail tracking number. Again more excuses about work, and also a load of garbage about it could take up to 15 days to arrive - for first class recorded delivery ? I don't think so.

When I politely question the delay, the seller started to get very defensive, and ironically accused me of trying to scam him. When he eventually got round to supplying the tracking number, he e mailed me to say that the item had been signed for, which proved I was trying to rip him off.

Unfortuantely this particular seller was not the sharpest tool in the box; when I looked at the Royal Mail site it was clear that the signature was clearly a different surname than mine, not even close. On phoning RM, they advised that the fkwit had addressed it to the wrong house number, about 5 minutes walk from where I actually live.

Although I did try and point this out to him, he was oblivious to the facts, and refused to cooperate over making a claim for loss against RM, which I required his name and address for.

On contacting Gumtree for their help in obtaining this info, they flatly refused on the grounds of not breaching the Data Protection Act. I therefore asked them to e mail the seller and ask him to cooperate by contacting me direct, but they even refused to do this.

About as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Dont use Gumtree, you have no protection, unlike ebay who will always seek to help.



Interesting that the only positive reviews for Superfi on here are from those fortunate enough to have ordered and received a non faulty item - I was once in that category, for about 3 months ! What these positive reviewers don't know are the joys yet to come should their expensive and complex electrical gear go the way of the pear.....

Long story short, I bought an expensive piece of kit from Superfi which developed a fault after 3 months use. To return the item I had to deal with the infamous Mrs ******* holder of the title "Customer Services Manager". An oxymoron if ever there was one; no one seems to have explained to Mrs ******* what customer service actually means or looks like; she positively delights in saying "No" at every possible occasion. After much battling against her petty and unhelpful attitude, I finally secured a refund, but this being Mrs ******** there was of course a sting in the tail; because I couldn't locate the operating manual for the unit when I returned it, she unbelievably deducted 20 quid from my refund. I can't think of an action more petty and short sighted - these manuals can be downloaded from the net for free !

Since then I have subsequently spent quite a few quid on AV equipment, and guess what none of it has been spent with Superfi. While I am sure this will not cause them to enter in Bankruptcy, it has certainly cost them more in loss of repeat business than their petty 20 quid which they effectively stole from me. What Mrs ******** and Superfi need to understand is that in retail, it is not a complaint that determines if people return, it is HOW that complaint is handled. A well handled complaint with a customer friendly resolution can result in a loyal customer and an advocate for life; a badly handled complaint results in a detractor who will, on average, tell 10 people to avoid that company. Not to mention posting their experience on the net.....

Superfi, please, do yourselves a favour, sack this awful woman who is costing you business and money with her attitude, and bring in someone who understands retail and the ethos of customer service.

PS If you have suffered at the hands of Superfi, I would urge you to complain to the Managing Director. Funnily enough, he doesn't appear keen for his details to be published; he complained to this site when I posted his name and address. I obviously respect Trustpilots guidelines so have removed them from the review. If however you do wish to contact him, his details are of course a matter of public record - you just need to Google "Directors Eddy's Nottingham LTD " (Superfi being the trading name of Eddy's Nottingham Ltd). Good luck and don't let them get away with shoddy service.


Convenience yes, price no.

Undoubtedly a very efficient and easy to use service - recommended for these attributes.This does of course come at a price; the price paid for your goods. Moral of the story is to never accept the first offer, with a polite refusal yielding me an extra 50 quid ! Although I am sure they will deny it, I have a sneaking suspicion that they deliberately offer low initially, on the basis that a certain percentage of customers will accept the first offer. Good business if you can get it. Go ahead for the convenience, but be prepared for the offer.....Yes i am aware thank you that if i recommend a friend I can earn more !

04 December 2012

Reply from postgoldforcash.com

Hi David,
Thank you for taking the time to review our service and commenting on how efficient the service is. We are sorry you were not happy with your first offer, however we are glad you accepted our final offer which was actually bought by our head jeweller to be resold in his shop which is why we were able to offer you more than the scrap value.
Thank you again for your feedback.
The Postgoldforcash Team


Mankind - Don't know arse from elbow

Having placed an order after receiving a discount voucher via e mail from Mankind, I received another e mail 3 days later claiming that the discount was extended for a further 48 hours and inviting me to place a further order using a discount code.
Having attempted to do so, the discount code wouldn't work. I contacted Mankind who advised that the reason why it didn't work was because I had already received the discount - doh !
Make your mind up Mankind.

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