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Highly misleading - DO NOT USE!

Bought a new phone through e2save (she's very happy with them, to be fair) only to find the service provider I'd arranged (O2) doesn't have decent coverage in one of the places I stay most often. I discovered this within 3 days of receiving the phone so was within my rights under DSR to return it. When I tried, I got some mendacious sales assistant who repeatedly told me their contract over-rides the DSR (which is not true) and that they couldn't rescind my contract. I insisted (politely) that she could. Eventually she agreed to 'escalate' my complaint. When the escalation team guy rang he sounded really good and agreed to switch my contract to Orange - with a much better deal. I was happy initially, then a few days later he rang to say my credit check had been declined by Orange. I find this extremely unlikely since I have never had a credit check declined and I had previously been with Orange for years. I am now asking for proof of the refusal. They are sending a courier to pick up the phone, but have not - as yet - sent me written confirmation that the contract will be cancelled. So I now have no phone! They are shysters and should be avoided at all costs.

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