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i recently took advantage of a disount voucher and took a batch of the cheaper meals and rice packets that have generally a 6month expiry and find them tasty gluten free but contain corn and one contained soya most include tomato but i love em
the ones tried were one tray meal of a basically veg nature with red lentils in
contained squash which was really tasty

the one i tried today a soya and ginger sauce packet with onions and leek and tomato
amongst seasoings i added 3 ounces of rice a mix of a basic brand and something at the bottom of a packet and added 2 or so of basic mixed veg and then poured on
after cooking two thirds of the sauce packet and saved a portion in the fridge
so i have eaten on my portion size not their suggested size 2 small portions for my late afternoon meal and really enjoyed it.
a bigger portion of veg or same on a bed of sald leaves would have been nice too
and i am sure if i had eaten it with one of their sauce packets and the rice packet it would have een smashing...i will save my rice a little while for an extra tasty quick version another day
i had rice and veg over on my batch cook and will add a difference for other meals


The difference between living and survival.....budget crisis famin drought and flood

THE nutshell is above and you can have it even without nuts
BUT i wish there was more choice of singly or 2 or 3 or 6 packs of selected veg
but some dont see corn and sunflower allergy until its too late

add in fish and egg and mustard allergy
and need rice for the gluten free carb

and you have an easy cook diet.....
it just has to be right for you or even with food you need time to recover !

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