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Unfortunately the passport office use this Company to deliver official documents I.e marriage certs & old passports, utterly shocked @ there service, I'm due to go away next wk needing my documents they have unexpired visas in, after calling the passport office to see why it has been taking so long for my package, I get passed through to DX call centre only for the person to tell me they tried to deliver it last Saturday (5 days ago) no call card or anything!!! He said oh let me check the photo of your door! Questions....
Do you have a porch? No! Do you have a letter box? Erm YES! Do you have a blue door? NO its white!! Not any door on my street has a blue door, NNE
I get told oh ok, well we can deliver tomorrow or Monday if you like I say I'll go for Monday, you mucht be in from 8am - 5pm, I reply I do have 2 children & I have to do the school run gave him times etc his response well our driver can not work around you!! Well I turned red! Fuming is not the word! Currently waiting for a call from a supervisor, they seem to think it's acceptable to deliver to a completely different address, not try to contact me to wonder why I haven't contacted them, yet they are completely incompetent!!!!
Awful service, disappointed is not the word!

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