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Manchester Airport

.Good Car Park Poor signage

.Signposting for the carpark was absent. I had to ask a petrol attendant where the park was. I went up the ramp signposted short stay, though I was looking for Long Stay ( no signs atall). Even at the top of the ramp there were no indicators that I was near the Long Stay car park. I followed a car that turned right rather than go down the ramp again - only signs Short Stay, but the barrier recognised the car no plate and issued a token. It was absolute chance that I found the park. Very, very, very bad.
The park itseldf was as expected , close to terminal and easy to finde and leave on return.


Speedy response on target

I purchased a starter kit in Spring and that got rid of the cluster fly problem in the summerhouse that I have suffered for over 2 years. I was so impressed I decided to order 5 litres of Formula C and prevent the buggers from hibernating in the summerhouse over winter. Delivery was prompt and I was able to spray the roof and rafters straight away. So far a few flies have made it into the summerhouse but are obviously poisoned and drop to the floor. I no longer faces thousands of flies filling the summerhouse whenever we have a fine day. I'd recommend this to any one.

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