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Sleepland Beds

Poorly made bed and terrible service.

Ordered a guest bed from sleepland beds for £400 the week we moved into our house. It arrived and took us 3 weeks to open it and assemble it then we saw 3 parts were damaged/badly made.

We contacted them and they arranged to send out the new parts on a Thursday. I waited in all day Thursday but no one arrived. I called them on Friday and they said "I don't know why it didn't go out. We'll send it Monday."

The parts arrived on Monday but they'd sent 2 correct pieces and one wrong piece. I called them and they said the correct piece would be delivered on Friday.

On Thursday I had a call from the couriers saying we'll be there in 30 minutes to which I told them they weren't supposed to come until tomorrow. He agreed to come on Friday as previously arranged.

On Thursday evening I had a call form the courier manager saying they'd just had a call from a man saying he'd collect the part. I said you must be mistaken as we need it delivered tomorrow. So again it was confirmed for delivery on the Friday. I asked for the manager of the bed company to call me as I wasn't happy.

4pm on the Friday and still no sign of the courier. The bed company couldn't get hold of him. Luckily I still had the couriers mobile number from the previous day. I called him up and he said he'd been told I was going to collect it! I told him no we need it tonight as we have guests. He dropped it round at 6.30pm as we were on our way out so didn't have time to check it.

When we got home and checked it it was in a worse state than the first part. I called them on the Saturday to tell them and to reaffirm my desire to speak to the manager. I was told he would call me asap.

Tuesday and still no word from them so I call and am given the excuse that the manager couldn't read the note that was left for him. He said he's have to speak to the owner to arrange another part to be sent out and some compensation.

Friday and still no word from them so I call yet again. The manager tells me I can either have the bed collected for a full refund. Or have a new part ordered in from Malaysia and get no refund or keep the damaged piece and have a refund of £75. He then said he would deduct £20 from this if we wanted them to collect the 4 damaged pieces that we now have cluttering our spare room. I told him this wasn't acceptable so he agreed reluctantly to collect them for free after telling me to just leave them out the front of my house.

I then told him that I'd keep the damaged part and make do and would like the £75 refund but I wasn't all all happy about this and would be following this up by leaving reviews on various websites. I stated I would not give my opinion of them but just state the facts (as I've outlined here). He then said "well I'm not going to give you the £75 anymore if you're just going to bad mouth us (said in other words)." I reiterated that I was only going to state the facts. he then said will you write about the refund we offered you. I said yes I will and I'll also state how you rescinded the offer once I said I would be writing some honest reviews of their company.

So, I've come out of it £75 better off in the end with a damaged bed that we're going to have to polyfill and paint to our own expense. Would I recommend Sleeplandbeds? I think you know the answer to that!

Now they've phoned me after reading this review and said in quite a threatening tone that they are coming round to collect the bed and give us a full refund. I told them this wasn't going to happen as we'd already come to an arrangement of £75 refund to keep the damaged bed. As a mum of a young child if they try to come around I will call the police.

One week later and they didn't turn up on the agreed day to collect the damaged parts so I had a day off work for nothing yet again. I still haven't received a cheque for the £75.

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28 September 2012

Reply from Sleeplandbeds

Mentioned the police this is slander we have tried and tried to help this customer i have emails saying that she is going to ruin us.

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