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Simply, the best computer maintenance software available.

I have 5 years of end user tech support experience, some at the management level. I have assisted many customers with various computer issues. I learned, over time, that a lot of these issues could have been avoided by doing basic computer maintenance, but when I did my tech support ( mid 90's) most people did not want to type the commands in dos to do the maintenance. At that time we did not have software to do these things, you had to know what to type and where to type it or you would mess up your computer.

One day, at home, surfing the net, I came across I had tried several computer maintenance programs before and was not pleased, but I though " I can always remove it if I don't like it". So, I downloaded it and tried it. This was on a 486dx machine with 64MB of ram. I could (honestly) see the difference in performance of the computer. The net was faster, programs loaded faster, etc.

Since then I have always had Advanced System Care on my computer. I have purchased the upgraded version, which is something I usually don't do. If you can afford it get the upgraded version, has some really nice features.

I also use their Smart Defrag software. I have used Game Booster as well.

The thing I like about this is that the basic screed is so simple to use that it makes making a mistake a HARD thing to do. You tell it to scan and then to fix. That's it. It has two different levels of maintenance, Quick Care and Deep Care. Then there's the toolbox. All kinds of things in the toolbox.

If I was still doing tech support and your were the customer and asked me for software to maintain your computer I would not hesitate to recommend Advanced System Care.

I only recommend software that I have personally used.


Really Cool Program

It's easy to use, has flexibility. You can do thing with the free version, but, of course, there is an upgrade option if you want more. Like the interface, simple to use. This program really allows me to feel like I'm more in touch with my long, and short, distance friends.

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