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Will definitely shop here again!

Bought the Brave New World expansion for Civ5 here. Got my steam key in the email after a couple of minutes and was ready to play for a much more reasonable price!


Don't you want people to use your service, Lovefilm?

Imagine a store where you have to climb a 50 ft ladder in order to enter, just to be told that you have to be authorised before you are allowed entry and you have my experience with trying to sign up for Lovefilm.

Wanting to watch a movie, my girlfriend and I decided to try a streaming service for the first time.

Going to IMDB, we saw an ad for Lovefilm and thought it sounded like a great service, so I signed up for the service in hope of watching a movie within the next few minutes, alas no luck there.

Since they offer you to rent movies by mail, you have to state your address, in addition to the regular details (e-mail, credit card etc) you usually have to give, which is fair enough. But afterwards the site stated that my e-mail needed somewhere between 5 and 30 characters, which it has, and I had to input the information again, which was annoying, but not a deal breaker.

So with drinks and snacks on the table, we were finally ready to watch our movie of choice, and eagerly pressed "Play", just to be met by the message that the account needed to be authorised, before we could start watching. This threatened to mark the end of our movie night, had it not been for a competing service which we were able to sign up to, and have a movie running in, in less than 2 minutes.

I would really have liked to have written a review telling how great their selection is and praising Lovefilm's ease of use, but the obstacle for becoming a customer was quite simply too high in this case for me to experience any of the above and I moved straight to a competing service with a no-hassle signup process.

Other people might have better luck and/or patience than I, but as far as I'm concerned, Lovefilm have failed miserably at one of the simplest tasks of consumer care - making a good first impression.

PS: During the movie I got an email saying my account wasn't authorised because another account using my e-mail address was using it. Either someone else is using my e-mail for their Lovefilm subscription or Lovefilm tried registering me twice, since I had to input the information twice, either way, I don't know and don't care.

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