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Tesco,com - Worst customer experience I've ever come across!

Would definitely recommend that you avoid using's home delivery service if at all possible.

Last night we were due to receive a delivery early in the evening (6pm). An hour and a half later, this still hadn't arrived and we had had no communication from Tesco so we contacted their customer services. Not only do they charge this as an 0845 number so that they can make money off users contacting them, they were unable to help us in any way shape of form.

On that first call they informed us that they didn't know where the delivery was and couldn't contact the driver or store it was being delivered from but they would find out and call us back before 8pm if it still hadn't arrived. 8pm came and went and no phone calls, so we had to call them back (at our expense) again.

In this call they informed us that 15 minutes earlier the driver had reported in to say that they were running two hours late. Now this causes me a number of problems - first of all the driver waited until well after the time they promised to deliver by to acknowledge they were running late but the customer services team had also known this for 15 minutes and made no effort to contact us despite the problems we had already highlighted.

We were then told that based on where the delivery van was in its schedule, that the delivery will be there by 9:15 / 9:30pm and that once again, if it hadn't or there was any update, we would be called back before 10pm and if we hadn't heard anything by then to call them back.

At 10pm we attempted to call Tesco back (once again at our own cost) however on calling we received a message saying they had high call demand (or had sent a lot of their customer service team home!) and hence there would be a 20 minute wait. This in itself was a lie as we held on and never managed to get through to them until it reached 11pm and their customer service centre closes.

During this time, we also sent emails to their customer services team (on every address we could find) requesting an update. None was given. Due to the food not arriving, we also had to order a takeaway as there were no local shops open by this point so yet another cost thanks to Tesco's inability to deliver food / inform us in advance that they were going to fail.

They call centre opened at 10am this morning so we called them immediately. We were informed that the driver had returned to the store last night, the items had been returned to the shelves and our order had been cancelled. This meant we had no food, they had completely ruined our previous night (we were supposed to be going out), and they had made no effort to contact us to let us know that this had happened.

The only thing they could offer us was to attempt to redeliver the food tomorrow (not even today) and even then, only when they had available slots. Now this to us is useless - Everyone in our house works long hours so the only opportunity for a delivery was at the weekend as Tesco don't deliver early or late enough to guarantee there will be someone in to collect the order. As a result, we have no choice to now waste our day today completing a large shop when instead we previously had other plans. This is more difficult by the fact that we don't have a car and our nearest store is a significant distance away - the reason we attempted to get home delivery previously!

Definitely the worst customer experience I've ever experienced. And have Tesco offered us anything in compensation to encourage us to shop with them again / make up for the inconvenience caused - Don't be ridiculous!

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