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Quck to take your money - slow to pay out.

Started playing with this outfit when the National lottery doubled the ticket price, whilst at the same time decreasing the second divi to around £25k. No way I was doing that. This lot seemed ok at first - until I had a £20 win. I checked my email and saw their message saying the £20 would be paid direct into the account they'd taken my direct debit from. Checked my bank account - nothing. Emailed them and they replied, saying the £20 would take '3 to 5 working days to clear' (that old chestnut.) The win was on the 12th; it went into my account on the 18th - 6 days. Now remember - you play on either a Wednesday or a Saturday - so whenever you win, you'll have to add at least one 'non working' day to the 3 to 5 (usually 5, of course) days, so it'll be 6 or 7 days. Checked my account the day after, and they'd taken £32 for the ticket that starts A WEEK AFTER the payment was taken! So - they take your money 1 to 5 weeks in advance; pay you out 1 week late. Work out how much interest on all the advance direct debits and all the late payments of winnings and if you're like me you'll decide they were making enough without it and tell 'em where to shove it. I cancelled my direct debit and won't be playing again after the credit runs out. Note: I gave two stars only because I couldn't accuse them of being rude, which is necessary to in order to award only one. That seems to translate to a score of around 6 - which shows up on here (because of only one review) as 'Acceptable.' Not really how I'd describe slow payers.

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Tesco Direct - Don't Believe Their Reviews!

Left a review on their site about the 'Kendal 3 Door (Centre Mirror) 4 drawer Wardrobe.' Also described on their site as 'Kendal 4 Drawer Robe') It wasn't very complimentary - but said nothing that was untrue in any way. I also reviewed their Kendal 5 drawer chest. That was slightly better, but I only rated it at two stars. They published the chest review, but not the wardrobe. Here it is:

"A friend contacted me last week, asking me if I could assemble some flat pack furniture. I agreed, assuming it'd take a couple of hours at most. The flat pack was a Tesco self assembly wardrobe - the Kendal 3 door (Centre Mirror) 4 Drawer Robe. I started at 10 a.m. By 1:45 p.m. I was just finishing what has probably been the most frustrating job I've done in years. I'm a joiner with 46 years experience - most of it on second fix work and a fair bit of built in furniture and kitchens - and I can honestly say this is the worst piece of home assembly furniture I've ever seen. Screws: cheap, poor quality, badly machined - and PHILLIPS! Nobody uses Phillips screws these days; pozidrive screws took over in the UK over 40 years ago! Couldn't use either my cordless or impact driver - the heads just rounded - even with a new (Phillips No2) bit. That meant all the screws had to be tightened up by hand. Carcase parts: supposedly numbered; in fact many of the numbers (stamped on the un-edged chipboard edge) had smudged, making them completely illegible. The only way to identify some parts was to check all the other parts and eliminate them, instead. The wardrobe sides were supposed to have been 'punched' in order to assist in placing the hinges and drawer runners. In fact the 'punching' tool - whatever it is at the factory - must be so worn as to be utterly useless. I literally had to use a magnifying glass to see some of them. The crowning piece of pathetic penny-pinching though, has to be the cams. These are normally - even in the cheapest flat packs - die cast alloy. Not with this they weren't!.... PLASTIC - and cheap plastic at that - probably polythene. Many of the parts that would normally be edged, in better quality furniture - such as the front edge of the shelf above the plinth - were just bare chipboard. Horrible, un-matching brown 'pozitops' (well they were similar to pozitops, but seeing as they were being tapped into Phillips screws, were about as useful as a cat flap in an elephant house,) hide the heads of the construction screws that went straight through the wardrobe sides (usually cam and dowel construction in decent quality stuff.) Even the construction screws weren't the usual flat headed type, found on other cheap flat packs; they were countersunk - ands since the holes weren't countersunk, no matter how much you tried to tighten them, the heads stuck proud, meaning the horrible little pozitops did likewise. Cheap hinges with no chipboard screws - just 1/2" 5s (how long they'll hold I can't even guess) to hold them to the doors and carcase... The drawer sides similarly had the pathetic plastic cams - some tightened up; some didn't. Finally stood the thing up to man-handle it into position and I could feel the front of it, moving out of square as it was being moved. Usually, with free standing wardrobes such as this, there is a stabilising bracket fixed to the top that fixes to the wall behind, to avoid it tipping up on someone - nothing too elaborate; just a right angled bracket of mild steel. No such luck: plastic again, on this thing. I can't help thinking... if I had this trouble - what on earth will a DIY'er go through, trying to make a reasonable job? "

Nothing there, I would say, that is unreasonable in any way - nor anything defamatory - since every word is true. But Tesco won't publish it.

You can draw your own conclusions from that.


Impossible to post review

Tried, for nearly half an hour, to leave a review on Ciao, about a Breville Deep Fat Fryer we'd bough that leaked. Got to the 'Publish Review' bit, and simply got a message 'Alert', with an 'I' symbol next to it (presumably 'information' but clicking on it produced no results.) Went back to the review and there were no data fields highlighted - so what's it about? I wondered if it was due to the box saying 'How much did you pay?', so tried 'thirty two pounds'. then got a data entry message saying 'text too long.' Tried '32.99' got a data entry message saying wrong format. Tried just 'thirty two,' and got the alert message again, with no data fields highlighted - i.e. back to square one. Pointless waste of time, so gave up at that point.

But for anyone who's interested - since Ciao aren't, obviously - the Breville VDF064 - 2L Compact Deep Fryer we bought 8 months ago, leaks. Had to bin it.


Tesco Cedit Card Online .... A NIGHTMARE - AVOID!!!

Used to use Tesco Credit card and usually pay full balance off online every month.
Site was a little bit quirky, but found my way around it and used it OK for the last three years. Then - yes, you've guessed it - they change the site totally, utterly, completely - have to choose new username, new security picture, new password, new security number.... on, and on, and on. Bad enough - but next time I logged on, their stupid site didn't 'recognise' my laptop (must have Alzheimer's because it's the same laptop I used last time I logged in.) Finally managed to log in, and even the home screen has changed - doesn't show the options on the first screen, as it used to - now I have to select 'manage card' Popped upstairs to get my debit card and pay the balance (less than a minute) and.... it had logged me OUT, with a message saying there'd been no activity for 10 minutes. Obviously can't tell the time, as well as the memory loss. Got back in and paid with my debit card (which I'd already had to choose a 'nickname' for. (Nickname..... for a debit card for Christ's sake?)

Why, oh why, cannot these financial institutions just leave things alone, instead of setting some spotty oik, straight out of school (presumably) loose on their site? The whole experience is reminiscent of attempting to negotiate one's way around one of those infantile adventure games on an 80's 8 bit computer.

I'm sacking Tesco card - too much hassle now. We shop at Tesco, and it doubled as the club card, but I've had enough; I've just applied for, and been given an Asda card. I'll use that.

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They Listened - at last!

This is an update to the review I left previously: I was finally contacted by one of First Utility's consumer affairs executives, who was most apologetic for the whole sorry mess, and sorted out my account. She also waived the penalty for early cancellation and credited my account with £30 as a goodwill gesture. The shame about this episode is that it could all have been avoided, had it been easier to contact them directly - especially by phone. Looking at the other complaints on this site, that seems to be the root cause of all the problems. Until this charade, I had been happy enough with them. I believe their site is offline this evening - just hope it's to upgrade it so that direct debit details can be entered by the user, as other companies do. Had that facility been available, I wouldn't have even had the need to attempt to phone them.


Dodgy Reviews On Their Site

Was asked by Wickes to review some architrave I'd bought from them (Primed MDF Architrave 18x71x2400mm PK5.) I reviewed it - ok for quality, etc, but remarked that 2400mm was a silly length for architraves - an architrave set normally comprises two lengths at 2100mm and one at 900mm - i.e. the correct lengths to fix around the door casing. Using their 2400mm lengths, you'd need three of them - 7.2 metres, instead of 5.1 metres, for one side of a door, or five of them:12metres, instead of 10.2, for both sides. That's a lot of waste, and makes their price quite a bit in excess of what you'd pay for a standard architrave set at a timber merchants.

They emailed me, saying there was 'a problem' with the review. (I hadn't sworn, libelled anyone, or even rubbished the product.) I re-submitted it, repeating what I'd said originally. It was never printed.

So when you're reading product reviews on Wickes' site, bear in mind - they only print the ones they want you to see. In fact the first review for that product actually says "top product.... no waste..." which is simply untrue.


Didn't collect - waited in all day... Avoid at all costs!!!

Ordered - and paid for - collection from an Ebay seller for Monday the 19th. Seller waited in all day - no collection, Rang Interparcel - not open - office shuts at 5.00pm.
Rang TNT - they had no record of the collection - Interparcel had not passed it on. Apparently it's a common occurrence. If I could rate this lot zero stars, I would do.

(In their blurb..."Spread the word. Tell your friends ...")

Don't worry - I will do. .....Do yourself a favour - Avoid.

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Age Partnership

A problem-free fair deal - highly recommended...

I first got in touch with Age Partnership after being offered what later transpired to be a derisory annuity for my two rather small pension pots. I went online and typed in 'annuities' and their name came up. I used their online calculator to get a quote and it came out over 25% more than the pathetic offer from the financial advisor I'd been dealing with until then. Having been very nearly short changed by the man, I got a few more quotes and all were around the figure quoted by Age Partnership, mostly slightly less, but none more.

I checked up on Age Partnership and scoured page after page of reviews, looking for a bad one. In the end I got fed up with looking - they were all very complimentary.

I got in touch with them and the lady I dealt with took me through the whole procedure and kept me well informed throughout. The whole process took about two months - the only very slight hiccup was with the provider of the smaller pension pot needing some additional information from me, but it was only a matter of a week or so. I had the lump sum in my bank within a few weeks of commencing the application, and the annuity was arranged a few days ago, and starts in a few days.

I'm just thankful I saw their ad during the Google search; I'd have lost several thousand pounds if I'd taken my 'financial advisor's' word.

I can't recommend Age Partnership highly enough.


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