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Fast shipping, very good quality product. Recommended.

I ordered hemp protein to Netherlands.
It was shipped next day and arrived here in 3 days.
The quality of their hemp protein is very good.
Only good experiences with this company.

Everything went smooth

Took altogether 6 working days until the sim card arrived in my mailbox. 2 days to get the contract by mail , 2 days until it arrived with my signature at their office and was approved and 2 days until I received sim card by mail.


Good products, customer service unacceptable

After more than 20 online orders,
last one was
- the order was delivered by a taxi driver 2 hours late at 10pm
- I had to carry whole order by myself upstairs (including 10 packs of water)
- they charged me 2 items more
- after 1 month I still did not get a refund - after numerous calls and emails

Very dissatisfied with that one.

Edit: Got a two times larger refund in vouchers after almost 2 months of calls.
It depends on a person in customer service.

1 out of 23 orders bad experience, 22 out of 23 good.

Edit 2: Next order, we used this 25 pounds voucher and again bad experience, we were overcharged, the voucher was not counted...
Pretty bad, if you ask me.
Then the customer representative called accusing me that I was using swearwords on people in their branch...
They record their phone calls, why they don't provide an evidence?
Because it never happened, my phone records all of my calls...
The customer service representative then confessed in the phone that he accused me without having any evidence!!!
When I confronted him that I have the recording of that call, he was not interested in it - to find out the truth so Waitrose will find the culprit and improve their customer service, instead he threatened *us* that it was illegal!

It is unacceptable for customer service to use such intimidation tactics on their customers.

We decided to avoid them in the future.

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Language House

Does not follow his T&C. Dishonest business.

Their T&C: A tutor pays registration fee of 24 pounds. If this business cannot find the student for registered tutor a tutor can ask for refund.

This is not happening and they do not pick up the phone, and they do not answer to emails.

Will have to take legal action to get money back.

Edit: After writing "Letter before Action" and sending it, the company owner refunded our money last possible day.

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Fast delivery, good customer service

Ordered Carlsons fish oil (asked for expiry date first), product was delivered fast and is of great quality.
Ordered befor Cod Liver oil (expiry date was only few months from now, but the product was of good quality) - delivery was also fast.


Not a single problem

About 5-6 orders last few months, everything promptly delivered, products as described, absolutely no hassle.

Good experience

Ordered toner for HP printer.
After seeing reviews here I got a bit scared, but everything went well, also the product just works.
No complaints here.

24 October 2012

Reply from Printerinks

Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your taking time out and posting your views. It is always pleasing to hear of our customer's positive experiences. Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 043 1001 for any queries you may have.

Thank you,


Worst courier ever

Not a single delivery on time yet.
Always one of the following scenarios:
1. Leaving notice card without actually ringing the bell
2. Not deliver at all, then customer service pretending they do not know anything
3. Pretend that delivery address was badly given

They are widespread, so they must do significant damage to economy.
Avoid at all costs.

LuxeBC Ltd - Luxury Beauty Company

Fast shipment & great product

Ordered norwegian cod liver oil - the product itself is of high quality. Shipment was also fast.


Quick transaction and fast shipment

I planned to order fish oil from Egogrooming - asked about its expiry date, they answered promptly.
I paid and the item arrived in 36 hours.
Great service, recommended.


1 out of 4 parcels arrived with no hassle

This company is the example of how bad the customer service can be. Out of 4 parcels that were sent to my address, 3 were problematic: first ended up in post office with no notice left, second was left in their depot for over a week after arriving from abroad (The parcel arrives from abroad in few days, then it ends up waiting in a hub for weeks - parcelforce are well known for that), now the third one arrived from USA forwarded by USPS and while I was assured it will arrive yesterday (after multiple calls to their customer service), the package did not turn up. They also hold your package as a ransom for some non-sense "customs handling fee" while it is illegal to delay your package - they settle out of court if you complain. In summary - their service is comparable to worst eastern europe companies. Pretty sad concerning the fact they are so widespread while there are cheaper couriers providing better service.

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I ordered 2 items, after 2 days contacted them by email and the reply was
- we do not have this item, while they tried to sell me other products instead.
The money were charged off my card and no apology was given (!!!) and they refunded the order only after I called their customer service (with no reply to emails asking for a refund). Avoid if possible.

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