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Perfect service

Used 4 times and always on time everytime with good print quality


Terrible service, tracking rubbish and company useless

I recently ordered 4 flight cases for equipment that was going out on hire to a customer. The company who built the cases were fantastic and met my strict deadline. Nightfrieght however were a different kettle of fish.

1. The tracking service on their website does not work
2. The delivery driver would not wait while I checked my packages even thought this was an express condition of the sale. Instead got me to write on the delivery note that the 3 out of 4 items delivered were damaged. That way if they were I might have some come back despite the conditions of sale were to refuse to take delivery.
3. Only 3 out of 4 cases arrived but the driver told me that the last would be with me the following day. I wait in all day but no delivery. So I call the local office who I had previously had to ring to track the delivery and they confirm that 4 items were collected by them but only three came to the delivery depot. Bu they would not help me, I had to go via the company I made the purchase through.
4. Confirmed in under 30 mins with the fab company I bought from that the 4 items were shipped but Nightfrieght had lost one of them.
5. No customer service or support from nightfrieght. Poor communication and frankly an utter unprofessional and discourtious attitude.


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