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I didn't agree to that !

I have been a good Tiscali talk/talk customer to around 6 years. I received a phone call on Friday 13th at 4.00pm ( recorded call) offering me TalkTalk plus TV with a youview box totally free, however, i would have to sign to a new verbal 18 month contract, my payments would stay the same at £5.75 per month, no extra than what I’d been paying for my broadband and phone already with them for the past 6 years.
We'll it sounded to good to be true. it was. Since then i had an awful time. On the 18th December I have my bill via email, my payments had go up from £5.75 to £15.50 on 24 month contract. this is not what I agreed to.
I called their billing department, after speaking to 5 customer service managers and being on the phone 1.15, being called a lire , all what was recorded by them, I told then this is not what i wanted nor had signed upto, and told them I want to cancel my verbal contact, all-be-it total wrong, and not what I have agreed to return the youview box, cancel my new contract and set it back to how it was 5 days ago. I was informed I would have to pay a cancellation charge at £100.00, well I hit the roof at this point.
Revert back to my 1.15 min call eventually they agreed a mistake had been made and they would add credit to my account for 6 months bring my payments down to £5.00 per month, then in June 2014 & December 2014 I need to call where they would re-apply discount make my continued payments to be £5.00 from £15.50 also for the inconvenience would credit my account for the December leaving nil balance
Well I though great, 1.15 of my time for something that had been mis-sold to me in the first place, and I had saved £0.75 p. this was not the end.
I feel all this was a pain, and waste of my time and if they are doing this to other customers it need s to be pointed to the public. What better way than by watch dog.
On Friday 21st, I still in discussions, having verbally promised to credit my account the balance was still showing, I also received a welcome letter from them stating I’m on a £15.50 per month contract at £15.50 AARRGGHH!! I’m now communicating via email for traceability. I will keep you posted

I have also reported them to BBC watch dog

Music Matter

Good Company

I purchased a Traktor S4 controller, excellent price and service, highly recommend

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