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They appear to have turned over a new leaf..

I have had deliveries in the past from HDNL/Yodel which I was really disappointed with, but over the last month, with the run up to Christmas I have ordered A LOT, with a few of these deliveries being assigned to HDNL/Yodel, and I have to say the service was tremendous.

All of my deliveries with HDNL/Yodel over the past month (They are the same company) have been on time, and even on 1 or 2 of them, early. I cannot fault them this year around. Due to past experiences this review is only getting 4 stars, but let's hope the service keeps up the way it is so far, as I cannot fault it this time around.

I had 3 or so deliveries the week before Christmas, which all arrived perfectly fine, and on time, 2 of which where earlier than expected delivery date; then I received one today (News Years Eve) which I honestly didn't expect to receive on time, but they did not disappoint and all was fine.

I order quite a lot online, as I hate going shopping, so my deliveries mostly come from Royal Mail, HDNL/Yodel, and City-Link; I usually order items in Bulk, and these are split between the three mentioned companies, so it usually goes like Royal Mail delivers first, then HDNL/Yodel and lastly City-Link (Which we all know is terrible, anyway); but lately HDNL/Yodel has been out doing themselves and delivering before Royal Mail, and of course I wait an extra week for the rest of my items to arrive from City-Link lol.

Overall I am chuffed with the latest deliveries I have been receiving from HDNL/Yodel and all I can say is I hope the service continues.

City Link

First, and Last!

My parcel was sent to this company by Amazon where I paid extra to defiantly have it by 21st September. Arrived in the local depot (Belfast) on the 20th, and went out for a delivery on the 21st (which was good). Except the driver never came. I was informed 8 hours later via their tracking information on their site that it was returned to the depot at 5.36 - but wasn't informed for another 3 hours. So I emailed.

Never heard anything back. Today it went out for another delivery scheduled between 7.30 and 5.30. It is now 20 past 11; tracking site still says it is on the road; but if anything like friday I will be updated later saying it was returned after half 5 to the depot.

This company is fricking useless. I refuse to use any company that offers this crowd as the delivery company, including Amazon.

I did get speaking to Tom from their customer service team who was less from helpful; quote: "If the item is not with you in the next hour, I assume it won't be with you today. However, the system doesn't indicate the item being scanned into the depot and it should be updated in real time. There maybe a delay for our messages appearing on our online tracking." granted this email response was outside of hours, but still less than helpful as his so called "real time" monitoring system will be proven wrong when the online one updates saying the driver returned to the depot over 3 hours ago.

Tom also persistent in lying over email, he has so much to learn using emails to lie; I think he forgets that they're electronic and can always be backed up:

"I am pleased to tell you that your goods have been loaded onto a vehicle earlier today. Due to the delay of freight arriving at our Belfast depot we operate a later service than we do across other parts of the United Kingdom. This means your item should still be delivered to you today. I can’t give you an estimated time of delivery, other than to say it will be today." So happy days, it will be here today - that was at 7.13pm; it is now over 5 hours later and still no sign; but sure their "real time" tracking system reports that it is on the van still... When I quizzed him on his promise:

"But you say that the Belfast depot operates later than 5.30? How come on Friday the driver returned to depot at 5.36? What do they operate a whole 6 minutes extra?

"This means your item should still be delivered to you today. I can’t give you an estimated time of delivery, other than to say it will be today."

Is this a guarantee? Honestly it was guaranteed to be delivered on Friday as well, and look where that has lead - no delivery. "

His response:

"I'm unable to ascertain why your item wasn't delivered on the first delivery attempt. However, the item has yet to be scanned back into the depot and I would assume the driver is still delivering as I've stated. I will check the consignment details tomorrow when I come in and check whether it has or hasn't been delivered. I can the act accordingly but I'm confident the item should arrive with you tonight.

I explain that the parcel should be delivered tonight however, this isn't guaranteed in case there are any unforeseen circumstances that may arise which may affect delivery of your item."

I did get a few chuckles from his email, I applaud him for that:

"It appears our driver was unable to complete the delivery route which lead to multiple non-deliveries. I can't apologise enough for any inconvenience or distress this may have caused you."

Multiple non-deliveries in the one trip? If that was my company the person would be sacked. Yes, I do work in a similar role to Tom, I do feel pity for him - but at the same time I treat my customers with respect, and don't treat them as if they are morons.

I quizzed him on his "real time" checking system, as he kept assuring me that the driver hasn't scanned the items back, but he assured me theirs where real time while the ones online are delayed (probably so the customer can't ring on same day looking for their delivery; as the time slot happens to end 30 minutes prior to their phone lines close).

I know fine rightly they are using the exact same system that we can see (so if you manage to get through they can say "drivers still on the road" - which means they are as helpful as my dog (which is dead).

Never using this company again, I would advise everyone to stay well clear.

Amazon is ruining their reputation by using them - I was a loyal customer, and now will never use them after the experience with (sh)CityLink

But sure, it is only coming on to 12 midnight and the drivers still on the road; I'll wait up so I can receive this parcel I paid to receive on Friday.

I did forget to mention that my mate who lives under 20 minute drive from my house received their delivery on Friday from citylink; which means there was a driver that was within walking distance from my house.

I am just waiting till tomorrow when they try play the "Left calling card as no one was there excuse", you can tell exactly what this company is like, and they will try anything. Don't worry I'll have my CCTV footage to prove that no delivery van came.


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