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I booked a trip to Morocco through Secret Escapes (due in December). The only option available on Secret Escapes website was to choose the dates of travel. I was expecting a tentative itinerary for me to approve the flight timing, hotel check in time etc., before the booking was confirmed.

Unfortunately, I was given no choice, instead an itinerary was slapped on to me the very next day from Fleetway Travel who were arranging the trip. Easy Jet operates two flights to Morocco on the date of travel one in the morning and the other in the evening. I was booked on the evening flight which reached Morocco after 7pm, however, the hotel check-in time is 2pm. I am losing 6-7 hours of check- time. And if the flight gets delayed for any reason then the 3 nights trip will be sadly an uncomfortable 3 nights trip since nearly half day of the trip will be gone in travelling to Morocco.

I checked on Easy jet website and there was an earlier flight available which was only 1 pound costlier and seats available. I wrote to Secret Escapes and Fleetway explaining the problem but Secret Escapes pushed me to Fleetway and Fleetway pushed me to Secret Escapes. None took responsibility, in fact they stopped responding to emails. There was no effort to communicate back. I booked the trip trusting Secret Escapes. I wasn’t aware who was handling the booking in the background. I have never come across a travel package where something forced on you without giving you a chance to review the itinerary before paying.

If you are booking through Secret Escapes, please be aware that you will not have any choice. You can only select the dates. They also state once the booking is made they are not to be contacted. People are buying the travel package trusting Secret Escapes. Secret Escapes should deal with better agents to keep their reputation. I was given something I am not happy with. Now opting for a flight which is only 1 pound costlier will screamingly incur administration charges. This explains why Secret Escapes or Fleet way aren’t responding. SELLING CHEAP IN PRICE DOESN’T MEAN SELLING CHEAP IN QUALITY/SERVICE. Will I choose Secret Escapes, no, will I recommend it to anyone, never! Shame.

01/10/12 - Response to reply from SE (4 days ago)

Thank you for your reply. I posted the review here because I did not receive an explanation to my detailed email. The only reply I received on 4th September to my detailed email was a single statement stating I should contact Fleetway. I had already explained that I had spoken to them.

I request you to forward me the communication you sent me on 5th and 14th September because I do receive all other emails from you.

I approached you because I first contacted Fleetway and was told to contact Secret Escapes. Fleetway’s clear cut explanation was that the booking was made based on the itinerary provided by you and if Secret Escapes contacted Fleetway to make the changes then based on an internal arrangement the changes will be made. However, if I dealt with Fleetway directly I will incur administrative charges.

Your explanation of the supplier’s position and the supplier’s explanation given to me don’t tie up. I have sent you a detailed account to your email ID. I suggest we take up this matter offline through email. I don’t see why I shouldn’t be one amongst the 881 happy customers who went to Morocco .

Kindly respond to my email.

26 September 2012

Reply from Secret Escapes

Dear Ashwin,

We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment with your booking and don't want any member to be dissatisfied with our service. Though we would prefer not to respond on a forum such as this as it seems so impersonal, the nature of the issue's raised and dictates we should do so.

The dates and flight details were available at the time of booking, these were indicative and as stated (subject to change)The times given are: Outbound: Departing between 07.25 and 15.40, arriving between 11.05 and 19.20 Inbound: Departing between 12.00 and 20.00, arriving between 15.45 and 23.45 It is correct that you were booked on the later departing flight as is the case on the way back. If you look at the times, this means you shouldn't lose any time in resort. Furthermore, the flight times are subject to live availability to the supplier so the flights they booked were those available to them at the time. Having checked the Easyjet site you may well have been able to see other flight times however; the supplier of your package wouldn't have been able to book those otherwise, the options would have been given to you.

Regarding your statement that there was no effort to communicate back, having checked all contacts from you, the last email from our support team was September 5th, however; for whatever reason this email has not been responded to, I can only assume you hadn't seen this. I can see you did follow up on 14.09.12, my staff responded to that email including the email sent on 05.09.12.

Though the offer was on Secret ESCAPES the booking confirmation states that the supplier was Fleetway and the contract is with them. This is clearly stated in our t&c's and FAQ's. We do act as an agent for them so, when they re-directed you to us, this was because they couldn't help you any further unless of course you wanted to amend the flight times, if this was available as Easyjet charge for this service there would in all likelihood be an admin fee, which neither the supplier or Secret Escapes can control. I understand from having spoken to the supplier, this was not an option you wished to take up.

We hope all our members experience a great service with us, discounted rates don't mean a lesser service and while I understand your disappointment, I don't believe you have received a lesser service but I do accept that the supplier could've been clearer as to why there wasn't the option of the earlier flight. Your valued feedback will also mean I will look to see if there are improvements we can make in our offers.

To date from this supplier since the beginning of August, over 880 passengers have travelled to Marrakech through Secret Escapes, this is the first issue we have experienced, though this by no means indicates we are perfect, it certainly indicates we and the supplier have worked well to please our members. We hope you will reconsider using us again but if you would prefer not to and to cease all communications, please let us know and we can unsubscribe.

Kind regards,
Secret Escapes Customer Services

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