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Two weeks no washing machine WTF KNOWHOW?

My friends and I recently moved into a student house, which was awaiting a new washing machine. We received a delivery time on Friday so made sure that someone was in to receive it. The delivery date was then changed without our notice to Saturday, which we waited in for again. KNOWHOW Was informed upon ordering that the appliance was to be delivered at the back of the letting agents in which we are renting from, but they then proceeded to twice try to deliver the washing machine to the letting agents on a Saturday at which point its closed. We were only made aware of this when we called them, by the way, estimated delivery time was 7am-8pm... close range.

Anyway, onto the second episode, the washing machine could not be delivered any earlier than Tuesday, by this point we have a mountain of clothes to wash, with 3 people in need of the washing machine. I made sure that they were aware we live in a flat above the letting agents, and gave them my mobile number should any problems occur. Estimated delivery time for this delivery was 05:12-09:12, that's right... in the morning. I bit the bullet, and at five in the morning I was up, no easy feat for a student. I waited until 10am and by then still no delivery, I thought I'd catch up on some sleep before I ring them, to avoid complications and at half 12 I called them. It turned out the washing machine was delivered twice... to the lettings agents yet again. I was infuriated and let them know that I had specifically explained to them where we live. She asked for my mobile number, and once I had given it to her, she replied that they didn't have my mobile number on the system, again, I gave them my number the first time round. She made sure that these details were saved and then put me through to a colleague who was able to get hold of the delivery driver. I had to confirm some details with him, no problems, until he told me that they 'obviously would not deliver at 5am and deliveries generally start at 7am'. Bearing in mind, I did not make this estimation up, it is what came up on the tracking system, which is obviously as inefficient as the staff. I was informed that the driver will make his last delivery to our house sometime in the evening. I'm glad two people could sort it out as I was afraid there was going to be another delay.
Had the previous staff member taken a little bit of care and notice at our problem, we could probably have had our washing machine by now, obviously, they have incompetent staff working there, and their tracking system is clearly inaccurate and misleading . I will be letting the landlord know about this so they can avoid KnowHow like the plague. By the way, they paid for express delivery. Disgraceful.

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