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A Disgrace!!!!

I have paid home care for 8 years, they came out and told me my boiler is broke and a part is obsolete (Combustion chamber) i rang Potterton who make the boiler they informed me the chamber has been obsolete for at least 4 yrs, brittish gas say they had the part up to June 2011, so they should have informed me so i could have arranged ways to buy a new boiler if i needed to, instead they continued to take my money nearly thirty pounds a month yet they knew they could not fix it!! im now with no heating or hot water, what do british gas say we will give you 240 pounds compensation!!! will this buy my new boiler, NO! how dare you take my money knowing you could not fix my boiler! i would have saved to prevent this, never ever use BRITISH GAS!!!! THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE AS A COMPANY. For home care.

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