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My port of call of all my game purchases.

Quite simply, I am a PC gamer. I love games and am mainly a PC gamer (at least until the next generation of consoles come out). I am also someone on a budget and uses Steam to handle most of my games.

If you are someone like me then you need to bookmark this company, I now use simplycdkeys for ALL my game purchases, in terms of price and reliability they are absolutely unbeatable. Without this company I would only be able to play one or two AAA games every few months due to prohibitive costs, with this company I am able to play the games I want, the day they come out.

Thank you simplycdkeys


Safe, secure, trusted and always good value

What can I say about Simplygames, essentially it's the cheapest place to buy games on the internet. The cost of PC-CD keys in particular is impressive and the site it secure and reliable.

Cash 4 Phones

Guide to dealing with C4P

Rather than explain in detail why I was unhappy with my experience with Cash 4 Phones I feel it would be more appropriate to give helpful information to others who are either considering or have already used this company. It's a bit of a review within a guide.

Firstly, as you are probably aware, C4P's is somewhat of a scam company and uses a variety of classic methods to essentially extract as much money out of you as possible. Here's how it works;

1. On price comparison sites you will notice that C4P's offers the best cash for handsets, far higher than Mazuma or any of the other legitimate recycling phone companies. This is the 'bait'.

2. You will receive an extremely flimsy piece of packaging to send your phone to C4P, you will then consider to send your handset via special delivery. This is of course expensive so you will be far more tempted to simply use the packaging they provided and 'chance it'. You will of course now be worried that your handset will be broke in the post .

3. You will receive a email from C4P's indicating that your handset has 'significant wear and tear' and you will be offered a revised figure anywhere between 30-90% off the original value. It doesn't matter what condition you sent the phone in, 9 times out of 10 you will receive this standard email. Those who used the flimsy packet to send the package will be receptive to this 'Wear and tear' excuse as you will likely already be concerned that the handset was damaged in the post.

4. You will be given only 5 days to make your mind up regarding whether or not to accept this value. The option is to accept this poor offer or reject it, you will obviously want to reject this offer but it will then become clear that if you reject their poor offer you will have to pay them £4.95 in postage costs this is the 'Hook'. At this point several different outcomes can occur.

a) You do not act on this email or have not checked your email for a few days, after 5 days the offer is accepted automatically so C4P's will have extracted a decent sum of money from you.

b) You think that it is probably not worth the hassle and just accept, the delivery cost to reject the phone back will reinforce this thinking. Those of you who decided to send the phone by special delivery will have already made a loss and are therefore receptive to 'cutting your losses'. Those that did not will also psychologically think that it's your/ Royal Mails fault anyway. Either of these situations are ideal for C4P's.

c) You email C4P's regarding the situation and express your unhappiness (More on this in a bit) and Do not phone, it's a 0845 number and you will be kept on 'hold' for a very long time. Also do not click either 'accept offer' or 'reject' if you plan on contesting it.

5. If you are contesting their offer they will apologise for 'Human Error' in terms of the valuation and offer you a revised 'counter-offer'. The extent of the 'counter-offer' very much depends on your correspondents and the 'Human Error' excuse is stock, everyone will get it. If you came across angry or ill-informed they will likely offer you a improved but still 'poor' offer, knowing that you feel strongly about this situation and are emotionally invested. They will use this to their advantage as this indicates that you want a resolution quickly and will accept a poor offer. If you come across as well informed and calm then they will give you a significantly improved offer that's very close to what they originally offered. The best way to do this is mention that you are in contact with trading standards, the gravy train at C4P's will soon be running out and they know it. A trading standards investigation is currently 'ongoing' and BBC watchdog is keeping a close eye on C4P's and they know it. Exploit this fact!

6. The 'Sell part' in both situations in number 5 is that their counter-offer will nearly always be less than what they quoted, just below the actual market value if you have come across well in correspondents but because you have already been through the scam's initial hassle you are very very likely to just take this value. You will think you somehow 'won' because you got a reasonable amount of money but really you didn't because you still got less than what you were originally offered. Although to be honest it is probably best to indeed accept this offer rather than fight for the full amount. In my own personal experience I was offered £90, reduced to £10.42 when received and by following the above advice managed to get £75.

7. The Final part is that C4P's is prone to delaying payout's, this is their last line of defence and works in that statistically some people will not notice that they did not receive there payment. If this occurs, just keep emailing them and eventually they will know that you're not going anywhere.

Just remember C4P's operates just like most other scams of this nature. They have a set series of scenarios that statistically demonstrate a high probability of customers 'giving up' and just accepting the scam and play on simple psychological evaluation.

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Dino PC

Five stars with a bit of work.

The way I would describe DinoPC is as an 'up and coming' company moving in the right direction.

In terms of PC value, DinoPC is one of the best, after much research I could not find a single competitor that came close in terms of value for money. In terms of whats on offer, DINO PC has a really decent range of customization's on offer that should be enough to satisfy every customer.

True, DINO PC lacks the range of say CyberPowerSystems but equally for my build they offered Nvidia's stunning new 660 Ti graphics card which not all competitors offered. One of the real positives of DinoPC is that they offer a over-clocking service at no extra cost which is absolutely excellent value for money. Delivery is also really solid, I requested a one week turn around and true to their word they delivered bang on time. The computer that was delivered is absolutely fantastic and overall I am a very satisfied customer and will happily recommend DINO PC.

I should however say that there is room for improvement. The customer service was actually quite good in terms of response times but I felt at times some of the correspondents did come across as a bit unprofessional with poorly worded emails, littered with grammatical errors, but that's not to say they were unhelpful or anything like that.

Additionally I always hate to see hidden costs and DINO PC does charge £25 for delivery which does not come up until you click confirm before ordering, it's not a huge problem though as a delivery charge is fair for such a large product, I would of just preferred to have been notified of this cost sooner. Additionally they do not offer Saturday delivery unless specifically requested. Saturday delivery is a extra £15 which is fair enough but the method of paying for this extra cost is unnecessarily complicated, just offering this as a delivery option in the first place would be better.

But apart from the minor comments I have mentioned I have nothing but positive things to say about DINO PC and will be ordering my next computer from them as well.

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