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I cannot recommend this seller at all

Myself, my sister, and my son all three placed our first orders with this company within a day or so of one another. All of us received those orders in a timely manner, (less than a month after placing the order), and were very happy with our merchandise. Because of this, we all three placed second orders.

Approximately a month after our first orders, we all three separately placed our second orders. 25 days after placing my 2nd order, it was still stuck in "processing" status and Chinabuye could not, or would not provide me with a tracking number despite the fact that they claimed, repeatedly, that it had been shipped. I had to go through PayPal to receive a refund for that order. I am, perhaps foolishly, allowing Chinabuye one more chance to keep me as a customer and placed another order with them on 9/23/2012. We shall see how they handle that order.

My sister has not yet received her second order despite the fact that the shipment supposedly arrived in the USA on 09/04/2012 and my son has not yet received his second order despite the fact that Chinabuye claims it arrived in the USA on 08/28/2012. Please note that the shipments are supposed to be routed through California and we all live in Texas - a distance we could DRIVE in 2 days time. Both my sister and my son have now opened PayPal disputes on their second orders.

To be quite honest, I am not quite sure what to think of this company. A little voice in the back of my head tells me that Chinabuye intentionally"does good" with that first test order in hopes that you will return and order something more expensive so that they can then string you along long enough to make it too late to file a claim with PayPal for unshipped and never received merchandise. I do know that I will never, EVER again recommend them to anyone for anything.

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