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GO Outdoors

Buy branded and forget their North Ridge stuff

I was given a North Ridge coat (GO's own brand) about 11 months ago and the waterproof seams have literally fallen off the back. The coat was in the £170 price range and you don't expect this. GO's answer is for me to drive a 2 hour round trip to their store and their staff will decide whether it's a warranty issue. They also want a receipt of purchase (most places do) which I don't have as it was a gift. North Ridge is their own brand so you can only buy it from them! They can trace how old the coat is by it's model and see how it's been treated when they view it.

Basically don't buy their home brand stuff and stick to brands with a good warranty policy that you can return to any dealer.

26 March 2014

Reply from GO Outdoors

Hi Toby,

Sorry to hear of your issue with your North Ridge jacket, like most retailers we do need to have the item back with us to check it's a warranty issue, especially when an item is out of the standard returns period.

Receipts are required as proof of purchase so we don't accept returns on stolen goods; purchases can be looked up on the discount card of the person that purchased the item.

Which item was it you were having issues with? Most of the North Ridge range was brand new in Autumn/Winter 2013 having improved on previous designs from the winter before. Sometimes a bad article of clothing can come through manufacture however, and we fully accept that which is why we invite anyone with an issue to return the product, if they believe it was unfit for purpose. This goes for North Ridge and any other brand we stock, as the item is returned to the manufacturer for checking.

GO Outdoors Web Team


The Great Baggage Con!

Well as 2014 rolls in it seems Easyjet have decided to try to squeeze even more money out of their passengers whilst offering less.

Now you can't take a snowboard bag with clothing/gear included (called a coffin bag) like you used to be able to do and they've reduced the weight from 32kg to 20kg... but here's the killer... they're charging MORE! So before it would have cost me £58 (even that's ridiculous) to take my gear over and back. Now it will cost me £84 and I have to carry TWO bags instead of one.

So they've lost my three trips a year business as I'm now more inclined to either drive or fly with Ryanair... and THAT'S getting desperate.

Shame on you Easyjet!

Cotswold Outdoor

TERRIBLE website ordering

Order says 2-3 working days... 5 days later and still nothing. No emails to say where the order is either. I've sent three emails and not had one reply. I've just called their customer services line and been told that they're running behind and the order should be with me shortly. She can't say when but she can email the despatches department and they will reply within 3 days!!!!

Buy instore if you can handle their prices. AVOID their website unless you don't mind waiting a long time for your stuff.


Great store

They have really great deals and free delivery. I practically built my bike using these guys!



Seriously good service, excellent price. Nothing more to add : )


Groupon Con

I ordered two of their aluminium prints via groupon coupons. Problem is you couldn't order them together in their checkout. Their system made you order both separately and then pay two lots of £9 p+p. If you ordered two prints together without groupon codes you'd only pay one lot of p+p. So that's a bit of a con.

As far as the product goes, the print quality is good but there's no way in hell I'd pay full price for this. They want £78 (incl p+p) for a 32" x 16". I paid £33 and that still stings a little... I deal with printers on a daily basis and there are plenty of companies out there offering the same for much cheaper -


Basic product with extremely slow response times

So the product itself is useable albeit a little basic. But if you want to manage your domain or make any changes to the domain (such as repoint name servers for instance). Then be prepared for a few days wait... at least.

If you're a complete beginner in this field then you might find this service useful. But beware as you'll soon discover the limited scope of what's available. If you want a professional looking site then I'd suggest 1&1 as an easier alternative. Or teach yourself a modular system like Joomla or Drupal. There's much more room for expansion there.

ZERO customer service and VERY EXPENSIVE RETURNS!

Well the order did finally turn up. I emailed them three times asking when it was going to arrive. No response to any. I need to return an item... good luck with that! still waiting for returns number.

Oh yeah, they're based in Spain too so returns are going to be VERY pricey.

** UPDATE **
DON'T BUY FROM THESE GUYS IF YOU'RE UNSURE OF THE PRODUCT! Returns back to their depot in spain are VERY EXPENSIVE from the UK.



Terrible customer service and stacks of downtime in relation to other providers. They also took the liberty of doubling my monthly subscription without telling me...

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Simply Electronics Ltd.

!!!!!!! BAD !!!!!!!!

It's been six weeks since I was promised a refund of over £250 for a camera. Still nothing! Don't EVER use these guys. Yes they're cheap but 3/5 people never seem to receive their stuff.

21 November 2012

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear Toby,

Refund has been completed on the 16th Nov, please do accept our apologies for the delays.


Vanessa Carroll


Remember SimplyElectronics?

This seems to be a phoenix company of a similar brand called Well they've taken a slamming in online forums for their service etc. This seems to be another one of those.

They ship from Hong Kong and take their time to do so in many cases.

Use with caution.

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