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ASDA west end ( southampton ) ripping off confused pensioners

disgusting parking system that preys on the vulnerable with threatening letters... Will never shop here again , so you may have robbed my dear old friend of £40 but you will loose that amount x 1000 from us over the Years , [External Link] here we come and I will enjoy spending over the odds there with a smile on my face.... DISGUSTED.


fake goods

fake goods.... its as simple as that.....

Bank Fashion

how did a scamming company know I was expecting a delivery from Bank ?

Ordered from these people.... and was emailed by a phone scamming company about a "missed"delivery ..... how did the scammers know I was expecting an order from Bank ??? I will leave it to you amateur Sherlocks to work it out....


dependable company. great quality and problems sorted quickly...

loved the products.... would not pay the full price though, the "SALES" price is the constant price really so a bit of sales going on there but no worries.... VERY good products and superb service all round !! RECOMMENDED !! ( and I am fussy )


terrible... I am moving all my business phones and telecoms away from them

Rubbish customer service, terrible online customer accounts software , dreadful coverage and reception even in the middle of a city. I have been with this company for 22 years, they used to be superb , now they are so bad I could write a book.. Oh and for the record Orange, I am not "Mr Jon" , Jon is my FIRST name, if you can not even get that right , try another industry. AVOID AVOID AVOID. O2 here I come !!



their credit card used outsourced morons who cancelled my pruschase of a camera with John Lewis for absolutely no reason whatsoever.... a total joke and wrecked a situation where I needed a camera in a hurry, Muppets..... once a great company, now a total joke.....

John Lewis

they are going down the pan.....

TV 5 year gaurantee used to be awesome, now its a joke. John Lewis southampton use Les Preston ( hedge end ) whose service levels were a total joke. after a MONTH , JL finally gave up the ghost and refunded us completely and we had to get a new set.... OH for the good old days when you knew John Lewis was a brand you could depend on.... its not just TVs.. their flooring service was rubbish too, letting some scandinavian firm put wood of 15 different colours in the same box and no one seeming to care less.... no sorry,, their hey day is no more.....

Complete Savings


this company fraudulently gave my credit card details to another company who tried to steal money from my credit card. Good job I checked my credit card statement. They claim to have sent me emails about their so-called "service" but only sent me a PDF of an email as proof which of course is not proof of anything but they played stupid... disgrace... AVOID..... and in reply to their pathetic response : "Why are LGrewards trying to steal money from my credit card ? was is you or who illegally gave them our credit card details , and of course ... do you STILL think a PDF is proof of an email sending because if you do you are either completely stupid or you think I am.

03 May 2013

Reply from

Hello Jonny,

Thank you for your feedback. I can confirm that we have now cancelled the membership in question, and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you should not receive email confirmation of this cancellation, please get in touch.

I would like to reassure you that the only way to become a member, and therefore pay the membership fee following 30 days free, is to manually enter the following details on the sign-up page: your name, your email address (entered twice), your postal address, a new password (entered twice) and your credit or debit card details.

Members can not only claim the initial cashback reward as you did, but they can also claim a £10 monthly membership bonus, as well as 20% off popular giftcards and 10% cashback at over 650 online stores, currently including Apple and The Body Shop.

I hope that this answers all of your questions, but if there is anything else please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 389 6960 (free from UK landlines) and we will be happy to help.

Thank you

scammers , complicit in internet fraud

Take the "money saving offer" on their site and guess what ? They give your credit card details plus security number to scammers who fraudulently charge your credit card... So if you want to be robbed ,,,,,, use these ar5eh0l3s....

30 April 2013

Reply from

Hi Jonny,

We don't pass any details onto 3rd parties - it sounds like you've signed up for a rewards programme

There's more info here and other useful FAQs in the help section of our site

Hope that helps




superb product superb price superb service

Ordered at noon one day , got it within 24 hours. Resolve insulated jacket by North Face, cheaper than anywhere else so a no-brainer. Will CERTAINLY use this company again.

superb customer service and incredible product for the money !!

We ordered the Blue Cornilleau Sport 500M on a thursday and it arrived as promised on Tuesday, the delivery service was top notch. Superbly packaged product, it was quickly unpacked and the construction began. Its a two-adult job and it took us about an hour. For reasons I am yet to fathom, the french company that make this do not include the short reach right angled posi screwdriver that is ESSENTIAL to attach the support legs to the underside of the table so make sure you have one too hand, I had 4 but only one was short enough but it worked. The build quality is incredible for the money. solid construction and quality galvanised frame. There are a couple of quirky french design touches that are curious but not of any consequence. The table plays like a dream most importantly and of second importance is the speed and ease of which it can be readied for play from the folded storage position, which is straighforward, ergonomically perfect and quick. Obviously time will tell how this table bears up to years of use but after a couple of days of use I can honestly say this is one of the best spends of around £500-£750 I have ever made. I am so glad I went for the 500M and spent that bit more. Superb table from a great retailer.

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