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Great Experience - Inexpensive Pricing on Standard Equipment

I purchased some XL snowpants last December (2013) about a week before Christmas. I placed my order without any issues and received confirmation and shipping details rather quickly. My order was delivered 2 days after Christmas which was pretty awesome considering there were only a few business days from the time I ordered and they were delivered.

While the pants I purchased aren't the lightest quality (they were like $50) ...like a pair of $200 burton snowboarding pants would be... the pants I selected worked exactly as I needed them to. They kept me dry and allowed me to run around in the snow while chasing after my little ones. They have great reviews from other customers on the site on various products (of course I left a review on my pants)! They offer a wide variety of high quality clothes, gear and accessories for tons of sports/activities! Check them out it you haven't already.

RTA Cabinet Store

I Love Their Selection!

I found RTA while searching for Bohemian Glazed cabinets. They were hard to find locally, so when I went online I was happily surprised with the selection and pricing!

Even better, my husband had a really easy time installing them! ...At least it looked easy to me!

I love all of the high end options offered on the site and trendy accessories. Plus they occasionally offer 15% off of their bathroom vanities, which is awesome if you're looking to spruce up the master suite or powder room like I was. I ended up buying a sink locally, but they offer a ton more than just cabinets and vanities.

MoneyNing Personal Finance

Wonderful Resource for Money Related Blogs/Articles

I've been visiting MoneyNing for years now reading tons of blogs, articles and comments from both readers and MoneyNing admin. Overall they cover a great array of topics that are relevant to a lot of readers.

Some great topics include:
- 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards
- Best Cash Back Credit Cards
- Best Online Savings Accounts
- Frugal Living
- Money Management

There are also notes on great discounts or coupon codes for a variety of different companies, products and services like Netflix, Expedia and Travelocity. Others include broadband or cell phone service. I'd say that covers a lot of people considering there are probably hundreds of thousands if not more people that subscribe to Netflix, buy from Expedia or switch internet or cell phone providers.

My favorite part of the site is the fact that so many topics are covered and there's a lot of discussion from readers posts.


Excellent Experience - White Glove Service

I visited the Coach store last month for Mothers day with my family. The sales associate that helped me was absolutely amazing. She was super knowledgeable, kind, and wonderful to work with. We ended up buying a few extras just because - I've never had such amazing customer service in all of my life at a retail store. Macy's and Nordstrom's (especially Macy's) has nothing on the Coach customer service.

After my purchase (over $500) I received a thank you card - hand written by my sale associate (I think her name was Natasha...I can't remember her name and don't have my thank you card on hand) as well as a $50 gift card to shop free at my next visit plus a follow up call to make sure I was 100% satisfied with my experience and purchase.

Amazing service and products. Now I know why my Grandmother shopped at their store and not one of the larger retail stores that carries the brand.

If you haven't' been there yet you're missing out.

Grab Media

Time Save, Money Maker ... My New Best Friend!!

I kept hearing about this rockin' GrabPress plugin and had to try it out after hearing so much about it from friends. I started off by checking out reviews (which aren't always actually helpful) and found that more people were saying the same things my friends kept telling me.

Now that I've tried it for a while, I can't tell you enough that GrabPress is the ultimate plugin! It works with WordPress like a dream and makes my job a ton easier (integration at it's best...really!). I love the customization that is available and that I can search for relevant videos that my visitors will actually find useful and it takes me almost no time at all! It's amazing what the difference is. I'm so happy with everything that I had to post a few reviews for others that are considering this plugin and I even decided to share my experience on FB and Twitter just to spread the love and share with friends and followers! ;-)


Kick Ass for Long Distance Family and Work Calls

I use Skype for both personal and business needs. I especially love the fact that I can screen-share while working with a trainee or one of my fellow contractors. The video chat comes in handy when the kiddos want to chat with relatives that aren't local....and sometimes even the local ones!

I really don't have anything negative to say. I suppose I would like a "mark as un-read" option for some of my work dialogue, but that's not too big of a deal.


I Love the Petsmart by My House!

I honestly enjoy going to the Petsmart by my house and haven't had any trouble with it. The only thing I would say is that they are sometimes a little overpriced, but that is something I expect when shopping in a store and not online. I do support other local boutique stores that cater specifically to cats and dogs and they are often pretty competitive. Overall I think Petsmart is great if you're buying in a store and not online and that it's really important to suport the local businesses. I do wish my "reward" program with them actually produced better discounts


Cool for Long Distance Friends But Not 100% My Style

I'm all about keeping in touch with friends and family, but I'm not one to post what I'm cooking for dinner. My biggest complaint about FB is the actual users being idiots on it and not the site/service. Easy to use and great even for the older family members.... =P

I know that some of the Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles above 60 really love to browse the pictures and find it to be really cool they can see new stuff going on even when they're hours or days away.


Self Employed Contractor - Payments Made Easy!

I've been self employed for nearly 4 years now and during that time I have almost always been paid via PayPal. I find it easy to use, track payments, send invoices, and manage disputes. The one thing I didn't like was when they required me to provide my SS number in order to withdraw more than $500/month of my own money. That was rather ridiculous considering they make money on everything. But given the 1099misc tax changes I figure it was inevitable. Overall good company to manage my business payments with w/o needing a merchant terminal and so forth for CC processing.


Great Selection, Prices, Shipping and Delivery Every-time!

I shop on Amazon for tons of things. Often they include baby items, books, shoes, toys, plant seeds and more. With a Prime account (totally worth the small cost) I have free 2 day shipping (or overnight/1 day shipping for like $2.99) if it ships from Amazon. Their returns are easy and their return policy is very forgiving. While I do like to buy local, sometimes it's just too easy to buy from Amazon because it's cheaper and comes with free delivery and easy returns if needed. I buy a lot during Christmas too given the crazy shoppers in the malls etc... ;-)


Awesome Products for All Pets!

I have a Dalmatian that loves catching the frisbee and skinning the green stuff off of tennis balls. I started shopping at PetGuys after paying too much for high end products (Kong, Zuke's and Chuckit! etc) at the local pet stores. PetGuys has excellent service and most importantly the products I want to buy at great prices.


Awesome Selection at Great Prices!

I started buying Halloween costumes online last year. I decided to buy from Halloweenmart because they had a great selection for the whole family (even the dog got a costume) and had affordable prices. I just finished buying costumes for this year for the kids and am looking forward to getting them in the mail - the kids absolutely love to look at all of the different costumes plus they show you some great accessories off to the right when you're browsing. Really cool if you buy your costumes online.

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Identity Guard®

Peace of Mind is Priceless - I Love Identity Guard!

I absolutely love Identity Guard. When I first signed up with them I went with the Silver package as a sort of test drive and was so blown away with the service and dashboard (which my husband loves because it's easy to see all of our information + navigation is a breeze) that I decided to upgrade our service to the Platinum level. We have two children and I know child ID theft is a hot thing with hackers and ID thieves. I feel so at ease about my credit scores and ID being safe and most important is that my children are protected. Check them out if you haven't already - they're the best in the business and offer kick ass services and support!


Awesome, unique products at affordable prices! ...Crappy Return Policy

When I found BabyBungalow I was surprised at the variety of cool products that other companies don't have. They are high quality and priced right. The downside was that they have a crappy return policy; it seems unrealistic that all products will be unopened and unused in order to return plus there's a 20% restocking fee which I find to be absurd. I can buy locally and avoid all of that crap, so as long as there's no chance of a return needed I say they're pretty cool, but if you may need to return you should go elsewhere. ;-)

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