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Identity Guard®

Notice: Comcast "Gives Away" Identity Theft Protection with Xfinity!

I first discovered Identity Guard because I am a Comcast customer. Comcast started offering "IDENTITY GUARD Essentials" security suite --it's included at no additional cost with an XFINITY Internet subscription. I figured heh! why not, so I enrolled to give it a try, not expecting much. I installed the "Constant Guard Protection Suite" which proactively protects your bank account numbers online. Sweet. The Protection Suite secures all your passwords, and comes bundled with Norton Security Suite as well. Not sure if It also catches spyware, malware, live phishing and pharming attempts and even monitors for keyloggers on your computer. Keylogger detection software alone cost $50 at least, I know because my son paid $50 for some anti-keylogger thing. Back to Identity Guard -- you can enter all your credit cards and debit card info in a secure area for safe online shopping. I had always wondered about entering my credit card info in web sites, and now I don't have to. I know if I ever leave Comcast, Identity Guard will be something I will take with me--I have 30 days to convert my account to a paid subscription if that ever happens. All in all, I am receiving an incredible value--the package was very easy to set up with a series of solutions.


Stress Free Automated Backup - Love It!

WOw, from the minute I started up Carbonite I have had no backup worries at all. This is very simple to use. There are default files it backs up or you may select other files or folders to back up in addition to those. I did have a hard drive failure a couple years ago and all I had to do was get back online with the new reformatted hard drive and operating system, log into Carbonite and Voila! All mu files are back exactly where they were. I highly recommend Carbonite..


Incredible Experience - Let Me Tell You!

This happened about 5 years ago but it is such a great story about customer service, I am happy to make this report. I had been searching for a simple to use remote access program for a couple weeks, and on a Friday night I found LogMeIn and signed up for the free trial.

I had some difficulty, don't remember now what it was, but I called their phone number. I got their voice mail--it was after business hours in their time zone. Sigh... I remember very clearly I did NOT leave any kind of a message, thinking I would call back on Monday since I was not yet a subscriber.

Here's where it gets amazing. On Saturday morning at 10am, I get a call on my cell phone (the phone I called their number from) and the lady identified herself as LogMeIn customer service. The nice lady said she noticed I had called after business hours and did not leave a message, and then she asked if there was anything she could do do help me try their product.

Well, after I picked my jaw up from the ground, I tried to remember my issue, and she helped me through whatever I was doing. I was stunned. To me, it doesn't get any better than that!

Needless to say I have been a paying LogMeIn member for many years. Love it.

True story.

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