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Pay lip-service to organic products but always reducing stock lines

My fiancee and I live an organic lifestyle as far as we can. We have cultivated our shopping habits to be able to not waste our time searching through hundreds of products to find an organic one. Sainsburys used to be pretty good at supporting our cause and we could get 80% of what we wanted and we would then top-up at specialist shops for the rest. In the past few months we have noticed they have stopped selling (in our local store) the cereals we buy, there are fewer meat products sometimes none. We like to buy British organic apples when in season: none at all now, the peak apple selling time. Very rarely any fruit other than bananas which we do buy. No organic herbs other than 'mixed' I could go on but it gets pretty tedious.
The point I'm making is that we have tackled Sainsburys about the lack of stock and their cutting of the lines we buy and they make no apology other than 'we will review it' but insist that their policy is to be more ethical and support organic products.
RUBBISH! They have few ethics and just want to sell cheap food to a mass market. I wish they would just admit it. I would have more respect for them if they did.
Anyway, we are sourcing more local organic products than before and rarely use Sainsburys so they have lost our custom and probably done us a favour. Goodbye Sainsburys and good riddance!


Excellent organic choice with professional and cheerful van drivers

we've used Ocado for about 18 months or so. One of the reasons is that they sell Waitrose organic products and secondly we felt their website ordering system was easy to navigate. We then got onto a roll as they used to send us discount codes if we ordered either during a set period or on a total order threshold.
They seem to have grown from strength to strength as their deals on deliveries are good and certainly their deliveries and their drivers are excellent. We ordered a couple of times directly from Waitrose but amazingly their stock online was not as good and we had two surly drivers surprisingly.

Anyway out of all the supermarkets, if you have to order online then I would definitely recommend Ocado and even more so if you live an organic lifestyle they have the most choice of the big ones.

The Society for All Artists

Great organisation but lacks some direction.

I am a Professional Associate of the SAA and have been a member almost since it started. I think the idea of one organisation that covers all artists has some merit but I think the SAA has not worked out how it will work with that epithet.
I feel that it has some excellent ideas one being that of local and regional co-ordinators gather a group together and take them forward with their art somewhat like a mentor and 'chief arty friend' . I have applied to be one for my area but my completed application after four weeks has yet to herald a response.

I think their promotion to those starting and wishing to develop their art is laudable and unique, well done SAA. I like the fact that my membership gives me insurance coverage for exhibitions and also for the public liability element for my workshops, that's great.

The staff are generally friendly although I suspect they are mostly part-time as it's hard to guess when the person you wish to speak to will be there. They could be more organised in calling back after a request as several times I have phoned for information and had to chase them up.

The magazine Paint has evolved into something much better than what it was and is now a credible read. I like the inclusion of more accomplished artists and very pleased to see encouragement all the way through for those that are not. I used to receive a PA supplement but that seems to have stopped unless I have slipped off the mailing list. The shop is OK but not competitive even with free postage.

All in all I think the SAA has grabbed a niche which needed to be filled but I hope they take notice of the feedback they receive and just smarten up a bit. I would be pleased to help in any way as it is in all PAs interest to make it the best it can be and of course the whole membership.

11 October 2012

Reply from Teaching Art Ltd.

Many thanks for your feedback - we are pleased to see that you are enjoying your inspirational bi-monthly ‘Paint’ magazine and hope you are taking advantage of the full range of SAA membership benefits - from insurance and public liability cover - to special discounted offers on thousands of top quality, brand name, art products and supplies - all of which come backed by our price match promise guarantee, the chance to earn loyalty points and FREE delivery.

We are always looking at ways that we can develop and expand the SAA community - and our team of Professional Associates have become well recognised for their commitment and passion that has helped us deliver over 20 years of artistic encouragement and inspiration to the wider SAA network.

As we are justifiably proud of our high levels of independent customer satisfaction ratings and the positive feedback our service constantly receives, we will take time to investigate your comments about response times. In the meantime, please be assured that any member of SAA staff is more than happy to deal with any future enquiries you may have.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and hope that other SAA members will seize the opportunity to share your passion and discover the inspiration and special discounted offers available to support them on their artistic journey.

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A professional artist and tutor. Fussy about customer service and love it when I can praise it. Good communication is the key.