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laptop repaired wrong twice!

a month ago i dropped my laptop off to pcworld because a blue screen kept coming up everytime i switched it on they told me it would take two weeks to be fixed...two weeks later i picked it up took it home and within 5minutes it blue screened again so i took it back straight away, apparently they changed the hard drive but the problem was the memory (youd think they would have known that!!)

they then told me it would take another 2weeks to replace the memory, i grinned and bared it soo another 2weeks later which was today i picked up again but i ensured they tested it then and there but yet again still blue screened

the guy told me that they changed the hard drive again when they told them it was the memory!!....anyways they changed the memory instore which took 5minutes after me waiting a month!! after changing the memory it still blue screened and now they say i may get a new one but they dont know so ive got to wait another week to find out...they are rubbish just cancel it!

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