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Absolutely Useless

If you ever find that someone has sent you a parcel using this customer then you had better hope that they don't encounter any problems.

Their customer services are effectively non-existent as they do not accept calls from the recipient, they only deal with the person who sent the parcel (and even then not very effectively). You cannot even collect the parcel from their local depot!!

Looking at their on-line parcel tracking I had expected my delivery to arrive but when I arrived home in the evening, my wife said no-one had called, no card through the letter box, nothing. The tracking showed it was scheduled for a re-attempt.

The following day I spent the day at home waiting, same again - no delivery attempt, no card, tracking showed a failed attempt.

Called the sender and explained the problem, asked them, to speak to Myhermes as they won't take calls from the addressee and get them to check that they were delivering to the right location (I had a dirty great skip on my driveway so that should make it memorable). I had already double-checked the address and postcode were correct but I suspected they MUST have been going somewhere else, I even got the sender to pass on my mobile number to the courier if they needed it.

The following day I sat on a bench we have outside our front door and waited for them (guess what - again a no show!!). It had now taken them over a week and I still had not received my parcel or a card or in fact ANY contact from them.

Eventually I spoke to the sender again who told me that she had spoken to them and also found them to be unhelpful so she would now send me another package overnight by DHL - which arrived the following morning at 10:30!!


Here is a copy of my Parcel Tracking info (still not received it at the time of writing)

29/09/12 09:47:09 Out For Delivery
28/09/12 09:30:49 Courier Received
28/09/12 04:10:00 Manifested for Delivery
28/09/12 00:06:00 Processed at Depot
27/09/12 22:29:00 Out For Delivery To Courier
27/09/12 19:07:00 Receipt at Depot
27/09/12 13:54:00 Receipt at Depot
27/09/12 04:28:00 Manifested for Delivery
26/09/12 18:15:31 Courier to Re-attempt
26/09/12 15:58:04 Courier Received
26/09/12 03:58:00 Manifested for Delivery
25/09/12 16:40:03 Courier to Re-attempt
25/09/12 13:44:45 Courier Received
25/09/12 03:40:00 Manifested for Delivery
24/09/12 16:36:04 Courier to Re-attempt
24/09/12 14:17:34 Courier Received
24/09/12 04:31:00 Out For Delivery To Courier
24/09/12 03:58:00 Manifested for Delivery
23/09/12 22:57:00 Processed at Depot
23/09/12 19:07:00 Receipt at Depot
22/09/12 14:10:00 Receipt at Depot
22/09/12 04:42:00 Manifested for Delivery
21/09/12 12:15:09 Courier to Re-attempt
21/09/12 09:11:20 Courier Received
21/09/12 04:23:00 Out For Delivery To Courier
21/09/12 04:16:00 Manifested for Delivery
21/09/12 01:41:00 Processed at Depot
21/09/12 00:09:00 Receipt at Depot
20/09/12 14:57:00 Hub Trailer Via Sorter
20/09/12 14:56:00 Received at Hermes hub

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