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Rubbish service

I ordered a Microwave to be delivered, paid by debit card. The mew oven came and it didnt work. I phoned Asda to be told that it would be collected tomorrow or the next day, I asked about my refund and was told that I would get it when the oven was at their depot, I wasnt too happy about that as they had debited my account instantly when I bought it,but I had no other choice.
The oven was collected 2 days later and I was informed it was at their depot the day after that. Nothing appeared in my bank so I phoned up to be told that the refund would take a minimum of 3 days due to 'the way the banking system works', when I said again that they took it from me straight away they could repay me straight away, it didnt happen.
What chance has one man got against a accounts dept run by someone who thinks they are a diety and can hang the phone up when they feel like it, annoyed? Yes I am.

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Money grabbing highwaymen

It seems that almost every transaction I have had to do with paypal attracts commission, either sending or receiving money and their tie in with E Bay makes for a unholy experience.

Try to avoid as much as possible!

If Carlsberg made tyre suppliers...

They would be, Excellent service, nice clear website, very fast delivery as promised

Only one gripe, not enough choice on motorcycle tyres at all and there are a lot of motorcycles out there! I have my own motorcycle based forum and would have put a ad for them on it, but until they get more of a range...

Can't be faulted for their car tyre service though

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