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as a student of hlc for a number of years you can learn as quick or as slow as you want as it is talilored to you i am probably like most people having to work and study in my spare time . the most important thing for me is ones personals goals you have to be dedicated but it is equally important to have a professional tutorial service someone who won,t make you feel awkward / stupid / or make you lose your self confidence believe me there are people out there who are not cut out to be tutors they may know all there is to know about there job but what i find is that by studying i belong to a community and speaking up for the tutors who support the bookkeeping students i find them very suportive especially beverley and kirsten it must be difficult for them supporting different people with different learning abilities but personally i found that they can pick you up when you are down when things are hard to take in and you are at your witts end they will give you that shot in the arm or confidence and i am talking from personal experience make no mistake they will not walk you through the course you have to have the desire to learn but the tutors are like your big brother or sister who will try there hardest to help you i admit i am not very good at maths but the tutors have helped me climb mountains and in this they give me self confidence to carry on my desire to learn

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