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Was OK with Ryanair...until we came across a Ryanair bully/coward

Second time we've flown with Ryanair this year as a family and found the experience not to be as bad as anticipated, though partly due to us paying extra to reserve seats.

Staff at Prestwick, Tenerife (where we flew in april) and Palma were all fine until we came to board the return flight and got to the gate at Palma airport.

We had one suitcase that we'd checked in which on return was 2kg over the 20kg allowance, the check in clerk was very nice and after some rearrangement of luggage we sorted the problem.

We also had three carry on cases that hadn't attracted a second glance on the outward journey (or on our Tenerife trip). However one of Ryanair's Spanish staff at the gate in Palma airport was nothing short of a jobsworth that General Franco would have been proud of.

It was 10pm at night in a sweltering Palma airport where most food and drink facilities were closed due to some sort of Spanish industrial action, we had two infant children not in the best of humour and as we attempted to board, this Ryanair operative ordered me to put my carry on in the dimension checking cage. It wouldn't fit so she told me to rearrange luggage, which I did, no less than three times. The bag then fitted in the cage with a shove, but no, pushing the case in wasn't allowed apparently.

She then demanded €50 in order for me to take the case on the plane, I protested and asked for her manager and she relented, but then demanded I put the other carry on in the cage as "I saw you put things in it out of the first case". At this point my wife stepped in and shoved the second case in the cage and she finally let us board, the last passengers to do so.

The joke was, that there was no overhead space left by the time we boarded the plane, so the steward told us to put the cases at the kids feet.

What a joke, and what unnecessary stress causing pedantry from a petty minded megalomaniac jobsworth.

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