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This is so cathartic

I've just reviewed the Isme catalogue, and now it's over to Yodel...Bless, the customer services have never been rude, they started out quite promising when I explained I wasn't getting anywhere with Isme, but my mobile was showing it had been delivered and signed for (it was signed for knocking on for 2pm when I had arranged a 7-12pm delivery, but that's by the by), but where is it, by the way? But, after hopeful sounds from them after I was still getting nowhere with Isme, I was told they can't do anything else (after being told they would interview the driver) and to get back in touch with the catalogue. I've arranged for sitting in the house cover tomorrow for a second 'phone delivery (I really don't care where the original one has gone, it's been over 2 weeks now) so let's see what happens! I have zilch hope, though!


Useless customer service (and the courier's they use are just as useless)

Ordered a mobile 'phone on 12 September, and arranged a Saturday morning (07:00 - 12:00) delivery for the 15th, paying a bit extra for the privilege. Waited, waited, hoovered whilst looking out the front window, just in case, nothing. Checked track parcel gubbins, and my 'phone had been signed for and delivered knocking on for 14:00! Where? Who had signed for it? I then entered into the first of many calls to customer services - they couldn't see the signature on the system, the track and trace team don't work over the weekend, but they will start a thorough and robust investigation into what has happened. ME call Monday, nothing. ME call Tuesday, nothing. ME call YODEL (after Isme customer services gave me the wrong Yodel number, and which will be the next review I will be completing), who would interview the driver, and also they hadn't received anything from Isme (by now it was the Thur or Fri after the original 'phone call to Isme, I'll have to check my landline records). ME ring Isme again, nothing and nothing for a couple more 'phone calls. Yodel ring back and left a voicemail to say they can't do any more, get back in touch with your catalogue (shame as Yodel started off so swimmingly), back to the catalogue...rang yet again last night, and demanded another 'phone, what is showing as my balance at the moment will be my final balance (ie, no paying for 2 'phones, no delivery charges (I've already got a fiver back, yippee). I don't give a proverbial where the original 'phone is, so send me one now. And, this was after being on hold for 40 minutes after I hadn't received a call back from the call centre manager on duty last night - finally spoke to him and he hadn't received notification a call to me was expected (I had to stay on the 'phone whilst the interminably slow operator filled out a form, naming it, saving it, transferring it to the manager's hard drive - I don't bloody care how messages to the manager are sent, just do it!! Which as it turns out, it didn't happen anyway). So, now I've arranged for a more flexibly employed person in my life to sit in all day stop, making sure I'm only charged my original account balance before I close my account, and that's if this effing second 'phone turns up at all!!!

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