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Started off 5 star now 2star

I think it is great value for money but the communication is poor, you can't call them you can only message them. I have had problems with giffgaff first I couldn't call or text anyone so I ordered a new SIM card and it worked fine. Secondly after that it wouldn't let me do anything I couldn't even top up or add a goody bag. Thirdly I have a few pound credit left and I am having to use that but I the same problem as I did to start with I can't send messages or call people I can do is receive messages and calls. I was on o2 and I found it far better and very reliable but I think I will now move to orange because they have a contract which is good value for money. Also the internet is limited use when they say its unlimited, if you use 7gb of internet then the next month it is limited.The only reason I am giving it two stars is because its good value for money. I wouldn't recommend this but a lot of people think its good, I no someone who hasn't had any problems it might just be me.

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