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Live up to their name

I have ordered electronic components (switches, tools, semiconductors...) from Rapid Electronics' huge range for years. They invariably send the correct items and are unbelievably fast - next day is the norm for them. The components are well priced but not the junk quality which seems to be invading the UK at present. Very professional and a joy to deal with.


A company that ignores customers and doesn't send orders. Most extraordinary.

I ordered some rechargeable cells. I received a confirmation email from "" but no further communication. After a fortnight, I tried their phone numbers several times - one is always engaged; the other is never answered. I emailed, asking if there had been some problem with my order. 19 days later there is still no word from them. No money has been taken from my credit card yet - in the meantime it has expired, so they probably will not be able to if they decide to wake up now. In a time of recession, one hopes that companies with good customer service will struggle through - the others will fall by the wayside. Batteriesplus come into the latter category. What a shame.

Efficient, fast, easy and cheap

I ordered 2 Continental winter tyres on steel rims for my VW Golf 6. They arrived from Hamburg in perfect condition (wrapped in clear plastic) within a couple of days. Balanced, inflated to 2.3bar and even mounted as required for the front wheels (direction of rotation is marked on the tyres; one was mounted for the left side and the other for the right). I was pleased that the original VW plastic "spokey" trims fitted. Now I'm puzzled that these tyres are actually quieter than the Michelin summer tyres.......... It's a strange thing to buy tyres while sitting at a PC in Scotland and have them delivered - for less than I could buy rims and tyres locally (within 50 miles). No greasy workshop monkey with a razor sharp jack ripping the paint off the underside of our car this time! I fully intend to use these people again.

Superfast - saved our bacon !

Our 26 year old old fridge died and Appliances Online were able to send us a new one in 2 days. They kept us informed of progress and delivered exactly when they said they would. Very impressed.

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