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Avoid avoid avoid

They are happy to pick and choose what they want to sell and give you a fraction of the real value of the item.

We gave them a car boot worth of unwanted items and here are the high lights: These guys are supposed to be professional’s eBay sellers but how they managed to sell a punching bag worth £250 for just £26. Antique ornate clock worth £250 for £37 Industrial drill £180 for £9! Is beyond me!

Avoid these guys at all costs!

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06 February 2013

Reply from Stuff U Sell

Dear Sudarshan -
Thanks for taking the time to comment on our service. As an owner of the business, I always take the time to read the comments people leave about our service and investigate what has happened and how we can improve.

Firstly, I'm sorry to hear that you're not happy with the service. We have worked hard to build our business up over the past 8 years and we would like all our customers to be delighted by our ability to turn their unwanted items into cash at the market value. Whilst we typically sell higher value items (we have a small-item minimum of £50) we were happy to consign your items for sale.

Our process aims to take a little longer to sell things for much higher values. We prepare professional listings with lots of high quality photos and use our pricing strategies and reputation to get you more for you items. Research shows that we can get upto double what novice sellers achieve for identical items on eBay. We store the items and do all the work so that we can do a proper job of selling whilst you get on with doing other things.

However, I know from selling my own belongings that it is always disappointing when things sell second-hand for much less then we paid for them when new. The prices you achieved on your items were very much the sort of price one would expect in the second-hand market for those items in the condition presented, and -- since we work on commission -- we charge less if the price is less so we are incentivised to get as much as possible for you.

kind regards



Director, Stuff U Sell

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