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Carphone warehouse have no soul

I'll make this long story short, I moved house last year and phoned CW to get my final bill as that contract was ending, paid what in good faith I was told was the full and final bill. Moved house, sometime later discovered that they had placed a default against me for £14.73, paid it straight away, and as an existing customer explained that I wasn't aware of this recalculation as I has moved address. Although I have written, called and explained my error they still show no discretion. I have told them I won't be coming back as a customer next month when my contact ends and they don't care. I have been refused a mortgage on the basis of this default I repeat for £14.73, this default stays against my name for 6 years! What is wrong with them that they can casually ruin someone's credit and that of their family for an honest oversight. I'm tired and lost for words. If anyone out there has any suggestions I would be very grateful, as I naively though common sense would prevail.

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