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Rude,patronizing and bad customer service

My son reported to me that he couldn't see properly out of his glasses. It had only been a month since he got the glasses, so I telephoned the Lichfield Vision express store and spoke to a member of staff to check that it was ok to bring him in to have his sight re-tested. The receptionist agreed and a date was set.
I arrived at the appointment with my son. The optician on today (Monday 1st October) said a re-test wasn't necessary as it had only been a month since the last one. I explained how my son was reporting a decrease in his vision and my son also explained this to the optician. The optician challenged me and said that my son wasn't saying this. He also said he wouldn't re-test,
I am dissatisfied because an appointment was made which wasn't honoured, it shouldn't have been made initially if this was the policy. Plus my son wasn't taken seriously. Also the optician argued back and neither I or my son were listened to.
This wasn't the first time I've had problems with this store. A few weeks ago I had an appointment with this same optician . he said that because there was a big difference between my eyes, it might mean that my cornea is compromised and I should not wear contact lenses for a week. I explained him how there historically has always been a significant difference between my eyes and that it's very impractical for me to not wear lenses. He didn't listen to me or take me seriously. When i subsequently had my eyes re-tested elsewhere, they confirmed there was nothing wrong with my cornea and no reason to stop lenses. He treated me in a very patronizing way as did his staff.
When I was told before the test to pop out my lenses. I went to do so. I asked for a case as I had forgotten mine. I revealed that I was wearing daily lenses to the receptionist. She said I couldn't take out and then reinsert daily lenses, something which isn't true.(what if you need to take them out because of a piece of dust??!!) When I said "isn't that up to me?) she said rudely" you should have thought about that before you wore them " and refused to give me a case.
To add insult to injury they charged me £30 for an eye test( I never usually pay for eye test as I have a complex prescription and an astigmatism)
Nobody in my( very short-sighted )family will never go back to this opticians again, this optician has an arrogant attitude as does his receptionist.

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