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Background Check Needed Just for Clothes!!!

I placed an order with Asos and I received a confirmation email and everything. A few hours later they emailed me saying that my order was CANCELLED and that I needed to scan in my drivers license and other personal information. I placed this order with my credit card and it was being shipped to my billing address - nothing was out of the ordinary! I sent an email to their customer care asking WHY they needed all of this information and it took them 6 hours to reply saying that my email was being transferred to another department. After that it took another day and I got another email saying it would take another 12 hours. A full 2 days later I finally got a real response basically repeating that I needed to send in my personal billing statement and drivers license just to buy some clothes! Ridiculous! I'll be ordering from a company that doesn't require a background check just to buy some clothing!!! Goodbye Asos!

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