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Waste of My Poor Niece's hard earned money

My young niece is on a low income but she bought me a £50 voucher for what she considered to be a special gift for my 50th birthday; she was so excited when she gave it to me because she know's that my husband and I love taking weekend breaks. How can I now tell her that I've been unable to use her gift because I can't actually find anywhere on this godforsaken website to stay. I've been trying since April to redeem the voucher but there have been just a handful of hits for the many towns that I've researched and they all seem to be in excess of £200 per night, certainly more than I can afford to pay for a night in a hotel, even with the £50 discount !!!
Footnote: I'm revisiting this review several weeks after first writing it, I've still not succeeded in finding anywhere suitable to book but I can also now add that the listed prices of those hotels I have found are, without exception, considerably lower on the hotels' own websites than those quoted by hotelvouchershop!!


Great Collection Service

I ordered my new Halogen Oven using the 'Click and Collect' service. I had the confirmation text sent to my husband's mobile phone and he went to collect the goods; he was highly impressed with the efficiency, from showing the confirmation text to the assistant, making the payment and collecting the goods he said he was out of the door in less than two minutes. Well done to the staff at the Guildford, Ladymead branch!!


Be careful - many inaccuracies!!

If you read Trivago's FAQs page it freely admits that it occasionally redirects you to a different hotel to the one you selected. What it doesn't say is that it (almost always) changes your requested dates! I learned the hard way, I booked my hotel in London about 6 weeks in advance for what I thought was 29th March and I didn't appreciate until two weeks after, that the date I'd actually booked was 17th February. It was only when I received an email from on 18th February, asking me to review the hotel, that I checked my reservation email and realised that the dates were wrong. Stupidly, I hadn't checked the dates, I just assumed that the ones that I'd input were the ones that I'd booked!!! Expensive lesson learned, the hotel charged me £113 for a non-arrival and I didn't have a leg to stand on. Since then I've looked at the Trivago website on several occasions and it almost invariably changes the dates that I've selected once I click on a link. It is a most useful price comparison tool but check carefully before making any bookings.


I REALLY rate this company!!!

In the past I've used Waitrose (always out of stock of loads of stuff), Sainsbury's (always late!) and Tesco (surly drivers). I had used Ocado a couple of times in the early days but was unhappy with their limited product range and that I could only buy certain items in multiples which I could buy singly from the others. So after swapping and changing for a while I finally settled on Tesco and stuck with them for several years, the drivers never got any friendlier and I HATED the two hour delivery slots - but at least they were the cheapest! A few months ago I received a discount voucher from Ocado and decided to give them another go, SO glad I did! All of their drivers are lovely, they're always on time and they deliver to my kitchen without having to be asked, I LOVE their one hour delivery slot, and their product range is VAST(and especially good if, like me, you can't resist the luxury ranges). If I had to make one small criticism it would be that I still can't buy (e.g) one lemon or one red pepper, I can live with that given all of the other advantages. I just can't understand why they're struggling so much - everyone should use them!!! They're not as pricey as you may imagine either. Give them a go, you won't regret it!

UPDATE - I've revisited this review to add yet another benefit that I'd forgotten to mention, their special offers are valid for the order date NOT the delivery date as the other supermarkets are. This means that if an offer expires the day before your delivery is due you still get the product at the cheaper price so long as the offer was current on the day that you ordered.

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