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UK Mail

Lovely delivery man - shame about the wait.

Here's what I really don't like about UKmail: I received a text telling me the item would be delivered the following day - between 14hrs and 18hrs. I was given the option to decline delivery and choose the next available slot, which was the day after that, also with the time slots of between 14hrs and 18hrs, which I accepted.

Personally, I found the time slots too long - four hours is a long time to wait if you have errands to run. I tried to call the 0845 number to speak to someone at 3pm to find out whether they were any clearer as the website tracking was only able to inform me that the item had been with the delivery man from 6 that morning - I resent having to pay more than a local call - and, worse, I was put onto a waiting loop with a man's voice advising me every couple of minutes that my call would be taken soon ... 9 minutes later, I gave up.

Finally, after 5pm I tried again, this time with better results: the customer service woman offered to text the delivery man and ask him to call me with a better idea of when he might be coming.

He arrived five minutes later, was helpful bringing the item up the stairs and was totally professional (I have no beef with him; rather, I would appreciate more specific delivery times).

T Mobile

Shocking and horrible customer service

I have just spent the best part of a whole evening dealing with shockingly rude and bullying customer service representatives. First I was called by "Karen from Updates" who proceeded to make me a liar by disputing my airtime allowance, despite my reading it off my signed contract. I asked to escalate this to a senior manager and was called two hours later by Michelle, who was equally rude and despite my having in black and white a contract, despite my offering to give the contact details of the Carphone Warehouse Senior Manager who had sanctioned the contract, I was refused any inquiry or investigation.

Is this really what Everything Everywhere, T Mobile's ultimate boss - CEO Olaf Swantee, want his customers to feel (sickened and angry) doing business with his company?

This is behaviour one would expect from a criminal gang and not one of the largest mobile companies in the world. This is definitely a case for CISAS. Stupendously bad and a horrible experience!

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