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nemt, hurtig, professionelt

Jeg havde brug for en hurtig reparation of indbygningscisterner derhjem.
Min bestilling var behandlet hurtig, det var nemt at starte 7.00 og VVS-mand var meget professionelt.
Excellent service.

Good prices & fast shipment

Good prices, easy to use web site and fast shipment.



Good prices and fast shipment, what else a happy customer may need?


Be aware of hidden costs

I ordered electronics from outside of EU, paid for delivery, and was ready to pay for toll.
A week after delivery, I received a bill from FedEx, stating double amount to be payed for toll.
The reason for double amount is "administration expenses" - that's exactly how a delivery company should make money.

I, as a customer, do not care about any expenses above what I already paid for delivery and toll.


Best price/value, but a bit slow delivery

I was using "Porta Gadgets Europe" to buy new Sony camera from Denmark.
Some of their prices seem too good to be true, but I decided to give it a try.
Despite that, in opinion, it took a bit long time from purchase to actual delivery (1.5 weeks), it's truly amazing in price/value.
The product was delivered, with intact packaging and no problems.
Would differently recommend, if you are ready to wait a bit in exchange for better then many other places price.

Broendum Elektro

Best value for money

Best prices, compared to other online stores in the category.
Fast delivery to the door for the same price others ask for GLS "somewhere delivery".


Quck order delivery, stable connection, good value

Ones writing about poor signal should read first how GSM/3g works.
Oister uses 3's Network, and I, as user of 3 as well do not see any difference in connection quality.
Despite claimed almost 100% coverage, there are obviously some "Black holes". One can try using external antenna to improve connectivity instead of blaming hardware.
Oister price/value for 3g/3.5g connectivity is among the best in DK.
It's even possible to use VPN on dynamic public IP (via a dynamic DNS service) using Oister, while it does not work on other mobile broadband providers.
The only disadvantage is the company web site. I find it slow and buggy - please improve.
I’m very happy with the service. Recommended.


Good stuff, and fast shipment, but very bad service

I have placed an order in November 2012, everything was delivered quickly and works as expected - no surprises here.
However, my Credit Card has been charged for this order only in the end of December.
I find such a billing approach totally inappropriate. Also contacting support proves other reviews - it's useless.

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Simply perfect - good prices and rapid delivery!


Won't ever use again

I have ordered so-dimm ram from Merlin, and waited two weeks to have it delivered.
Not only I waited way too long, but also the package stated "ProShop" instead of "Merlin".
What's the reason using Merlin than?


superb. ingen klager.

"hvad du ser, er hvad du får", plus hurtig levering og lave priser.


It ships well, but be aware of hidden costs!

I used to ship a box as private person.
The box was measured at the office and I paid for it.
However approximately after one week after the shipment I've got an invoice for additional 500 kr. It was stated that the shipment was estimated incorrectly.
Luckily the shipment was delivered anyways, but estimation before sending can be better.

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