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Crystal Travel

False advertising

They took payment for a flight which magically sold out of seats at that price as I was booking. They called up and offered me one for an extra £60. I went straight to the airline instead for an extra £20. I've never used Crystal before, and I certainly won't be again.

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Misleading delivery times

Item delivery time read as being delivered next day, however, this is not what they meant. Will use Amazon in future instead; extremely poor.


Bad customer service

Good prices, impossible to get hold of 'customer services'. Before any Hut rep comes back on hear saying 'Sorry, please send us your order number and we'll happily help'. Check order 30240234, but having to come on here to get it looked at proves poor customer service!
Edit: Funny how my messages are responded to after I leave this review. Return details still have NOT been provided. Zzzzz


Prioritises businesses over customers

Ordered a takeaway at the weekend which was extremely late in arriving. Hungryhouse offer no help or compensation when you complain. I tried to leave a fair review of the takeaway explaining the lateness, but hungryhouse rejected it saying that the takeaway could sue them for libel. What's the point of having a review system in that case?! Will try Just-Eat next time.

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Dreadful company

Poor stock management; orders frequently cancelled; deliveries regularly failed; unhelpful and apathetic customer service. Shocking from one of the biggest companies in the country.

EDIT: I tried to cancel three items over 3 weeks ago. Numerous emails and calls to them later and it still hasn't been done and refunded. To anyone from Tesco checking this, look at order 9JMJKH6V and you will see how poor you've been.

I wish I could give 0 stars.


Good and bad

Good when you can get the cashback. When there's an issue though, customer service is terrible!

Edit: In response to Quidco's reply, I have made numerous queries with support but they each just give a copy and paste response without reading my query....kind of like they've just done here - I didn't say the issue was a declined transaction.

17 July 2013

Reply from Quidco


I'm sorry for the previous response given. I am the manager of the Customer Support team at Quidco and noticed this response.

Please could you raise a support ticket by going via help and request that it be sent to me (Luke Woolsey) and I'll deal with your query.

By raising a support query I can then see your account to look into this further.


Kind regards,

Luke Woolsey
Customer Support Manager


Very good

Ordered two items and have had no problems. Seem very reliable and helpful (and quick) customer service. Would not hesitate to use again.



I have made 4 orders from Gamseek through both Amazon and Play marketplaces. For all of them, they either cancelled the order 2 weeks later after I chased them or sent the wrong items and I again had to chase to resolve it. By far the worst online retailer I have ever used. From the looks of other reviews, it must be a case of when they're good, they're good, but when they're bad, they're very, very bad!

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Distrust pilot

Can we trust a reviews website that has such a low rating themselves? How ironic! Will not bother leaving future reviews as you just get hassled by TP staff to provide evidence of a transaction when the review is not 5 stars. I only leave reviews when the company I have bought from have sent me a request to review anyway. Terrible.

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17 June 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi JC, thanks for the feedback.
Yes, wo do let anyone review us as we believe in transparency and feedback from users to get better. It is also true, that we ask users to provide a confirmation number, should the company require it. We do it to ensure review quality. Only other users and the company itself can report a review, after which it will be investigated by our team. We encourage people to write reviews in order to help other buyers make the right decisions. I understand that having to find the proof of purchase might be a bit of a hassle, but it's the best way can ensure that reviews are written by real customers.

Kind regards,
Bertrand Carton


Some good offers

Have ordered some items at very good prices and have had no problems. Some items are expensive compared to other websites, but there are very good offers too.

Have recently ordered something twice that both times has been cancelled 2 weeks later as they don't have it in stock. Obviously have very poor stock control and therefore very unreliable!

Have had another order cancelled recently because they didn't want to honour a voucher code I had used.

Edit 03/10/13: See orders 30119194 and 28691296

Edit 13/10/13: Funny that I haven't heard back from the rep below since I provided order numbers.


Good prices; customer services is dreadful

Zavvi has some very good offers and are usually reliable and have no problems. When problems arise though, responses to queries are slow and are usually a standard response which do not truthfully answer the query. Items showing as 'in stock' can occasionally take several days or longer to be dispatched. Some orders even seem to stall and remain as 'processing' or 'awaiting stock pick' and only get resolved after several query attempts. A long way to go before matching the likes of Amazon for customer service.
P.S. I make numerous orders every week and 95% are fine, but when there is an issue, its never easy to get them resolved as I have said above - there is not one order number that these issues relate to and I eventually (and painfully) have had them resolved. Thanks

I've just dropped another star thanks to a cancelled order...two days after I received a customer service response email saying my order was being processed in the warehouse and would be dispatched within 24-48 hours. Incompetent or nonchalant? Maybe both.

Sneaky Zavvi...they sent me a discount code for 10% off which I applied to my order and it took the discount off. Go to checkout to pay and realise afterwards that they took the discount back off! Of course the items had apparently been sent out already before I could cancel. Time for me to give up on them I think.


No cancel option; AWOL customer service; lack of stock control.

I'm not a big fan of the '5 minute dispatch' they have - no way are they actually out within 5 minutes, it is just so that customers can't cancel easily and will have to pay to return the item. I have had a couple of orders which have not been sent out within 48 hours even, so why can't there be a cancel option for these?

My last two orders were both cancelled after 3 days. After the first cancelled I checked and they still had it in stock, so I re-ordered. Second one cancelled, the reason apparently is no stock! Well what about the first order?!

Did I get an email to say its not in stock? Of course not! Thankfully Paypal let me know I was being refunded at least!

I recommend to avoid!!


Horrendous company, avoid if you don't want an expensive headache!

I bought a heated blanket via Groupon from Chemist 4 U. The item came and was faulty. I returned it and received an email saying it had been received and would I like a refund or replacement. I asked for a refund and then....silence. Haven't heard anything back from them for 3 weeks and have had to go back to Groupon for the refund. I'm still down both outgoing and return postage though.

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05 February 2013

Reply from Innox Trading Ltd


Sorry for the late reply, had a few changes in the company and looking to assist all customers in a professional manner.

If you still require help in his matter please let me know and i will be only too happy to help.


Some good deals, but terrible service

Usually no problems, but very poor customer service with no updates on delayed orders and stock responses to emails which are always irrelevant

We Buy Books

Excellent place to sell your books

We Buy Books offer the best prices around for books, and pay up very quickly upon receipt. Have used them about 8 times no and no problems at all.

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