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Do they care about the customer experience ?

I would firstly like to say I am one of those person's who when asked in a restaurant if the " meals is ok " always say yes , even if it's awful but I have to say that my experience today would make me avoid Comet's ( which was my shop of choice ).
I would firstly like to add if you want to contact Comet with regards to feedback, their website avoids providing anyway to contact them.
My issue is I purchased a Freesat package and both ourselves and the abysmal employee at Comet's confirmed I was in an area that received Freesat so we bought the installation and a box while constantly refusing extra cover ( three times in total ) and we were told that an instalation engineer would be with us in about three days, a week later was the actual date but I never really expected it to be installed in three days anyway.
The engineer turned up did his test and said that even though we are in a good reception area where our house is means we don't get a signal and he advised us to take the box back.
We took the box back for a refund and the amount of abuse we received was incredible he even made a scene and accused my partner of being rude to him and all she said was " the engineer says we don't get a signal " he replied that we do and she replied " he told us that we didn't " , he replied that the engineer was talking rubbish and he checked and we do , my partner pointed out that his test equipment proved we didn't and this is where he accused my partner of lieing or the engineer of talking rubbish as " he had done some training in Freesat " and when my partner replied " I choose to believe the person who installs it for a living " this is when he started accusing my partner of being abusive.
The whole experience was extremely unpleasant and embarrassing as being called a liar and being verbally abused is not what we were expecting .
I would like to say poor service is unfortunately becoming the norm in Comets and I will be purchasing from Curry's that has a website with contact details and pleasant and helpful staff.

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