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Astoundingly appalling service.

Every experience I have had with DPD has been a failure. In this particular instance I was in the house all day yesterday (Friday) waiting for it to be delivered. My boyfriend got the email giving times as the parcel was for him. After the hour slot with no sign he checks his emails again (being at work this is understandably periodic) and has an email saying they tried to deliver but no-one was in.

My block is made of 8 maisonettes - of which I'm number 1 - and flats above it. On block name it says "Number 1-8 through the gate" and a big arrow pointing to the gate that leads to our houses. What he did I imagine despite this sign was press 1 on the entryphone, which of course leads to no-where, and left when no-one inevitably answered.

After calling customer service all the woman could suggest was that she send a message to the driver to see if he was still in the area and he would call me if he could come back. An hour later and still no call, so I ring them up again and speak to a far more helpful colleague of hers who apologised first of all (the woman questioned if I knew my own address) and then offered to re-arrange for this morning (Saturday) free of charge.

So this morning my boyfriend got the email saying it would be delivered 11:39-12:39. Come 12:45 and nothing, so I ring up customer service and their office is closed (according to the website they close at 1pm, so an early knock-off for them there). Found another phone number for complaints, I spoke to another CSR who actually contacted the driver who said that he was running 30-45 mins late. He has my number so a call or txt would have settle my nerves but ok, at least I had something.

Now we're at 2:20 and nothing and no-one has arrived. I tried to call that number again but their office is closed now as well. According to the tracking number the parcel is still "in transit". I'm not holding my breath that we will get this today. If we don't the customer services department can expect a very irate call.

20 November 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Good morning Vivien,

I'm really sorry that the parcel was delayed in getting to you. I hope that you were not too inconvenienced as a result.

I see that the parcel was delivered on Saturday afternoon - was everything okay when we visited?

Please let me know if any assistance is needed -

Kind regards,


Monster Supplements

Disappointment after it started so well!

I ordered some protein bars and jerky from the website and used Paypal, adding the address for my new work to deliver to. At some point I don't know when their system messed it up and had my address as "St Richards House, London, London, London, London" and the postcode. Now granted I should have said something when the text came through but I got it at 8:45 in the morning and I'm busy, I kinda trusted they would get it right. Surely someone would have looked at that and think it was wrong! One call to me asking if they could confirm what was obviously the incorrect address would have avoided all this!!

So I got another message saying they'd attempted delivery and couldn't find it (go figure). I called up Monster's customer service and he said that the guy was out of the area and would "try to come back around after if he can". I was a little upset by this, I was looking forward to having the bars for that weekend so I asked considering it was an IT error at their end what was he going to do to get it sorted? Would he ensure delivery that afternoon or to my house the next day (a Saturday)? He said the weekend delivery charge would apply (£21!!!) or it would be delivered on Monday. I said that wasn't exactly happy about that, he just apologised, blamed Paypal for having dodgy IT and said the charges would still apply.

I have used Monster on several occasions and have never before had reason to complain, but the complete lack of customer service compared to other similar websites astounded me.

04 October 2012

Reply from Monster Supplements

Hi Vivien,

I'm afraid the issue was with PayPal, not ourselves.

The delivery address was emailed as you've said.

The system doesn't delete or add anything, it uses what is provided by PayPal/ yourself only, if "London" is repeated that won't cause an issue, the problem was your address number wasn't included on your order, so of course they don't know where it is going (as some addresses are names, it's not possible to stop an order just because it's missing a number).

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