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i will never order dominos pizza..

usually i am so happy with free ride, but tonight while i was tring to play jewel quest 2 ,a domino pizza ad came clear down on the game and made it impossible to play, it just kept going back and madding..sorry iam just having a fit, it seems like some companies will try anything to get you to click them..i accually love freeride and apprieiate the service..thankyou..

22 January 2013

Reply from Freeridegames

Hey there Colleen,

We would like to apologize for the advertisement that appeared and prevented you from playing. I'd like to assure you that it is not our intention to ever prevent you from playing the games and that advertisements like this are not intended and we work hard to avoid this issue (but with so many ads and regions a few can slip by).

The next time this ever happens, please take a screenshot of the advertisement and submit this issue to our Customer Service team by going to and click the "Need Help?" button at the top. By submitting this screenshot to us, we can identify the ad and get rid of it easily.

**If you are not familiar with how to take a screenshot, please visit this site:

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