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Excellent quality beds, good service.

We ordered two beds recently, the 'Shorty cabin bed' and the 'Children's midi cabin bed'.

The positives:

- Generally, the beds are very well made and extremely solid.
- Shipping was a bit slow, but when I emailed to say that we needed the beds before my stepdaughters birthday, they made sure that they did indeed arrive before.
- The delivery driver phoned the evening before and gave us a delivery slot between 7:30am and 8:00am, which they stuck to.
- When we put up the 'Children's midi cabin bed' we quickly noticed that the desk hadn't been delivered. I emailed MrsFlatpack and they posted it by next day courier.
- The instructions were workable. Not much worse than Ikea, actually clearer in the sense that all MDF panels are labelled with a corresponding letter. Of course assembly took a long time. At least 5 hours for the 'Shorty cabin bed' and 4 hours for the 'Children's midi cabin bed'. But that should be expected, as you're essentially assembling several pieces of furniture in one.
Aside from the missing desk, all parts and screws arrived complete.

The negatives:

- While the beds are great quality, the accessories are not.
- The desk basically doesn't assemble and stick together, even when you follow the instructions in perfect detail. In order to stop it from simply falling apart we needed to fit metal brackets on the inside as well as glue the sides.
-The drawers are mostly glued rather than screwed, which brings about a much cheaper feel than the rest of the construction. The drawers in the 'Shorty cabin bed' only rest on plastic tracks. The ones on the 'Children's midi cabin bed' at least have proper extending metal track.
-Some of the instructions are poorly ordered, meaning that they're unnecessarily complicated. Thinking along and switching some steps around will help you assemble more easily and with fewer people.

Overall however I would very much recommend this company and would buy from them again.

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